WATCH: Mookie Betts Notices Sign, Plays Catch with Fan at Los Angeles Dodgers Game

by Nick Geddes

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” is one of the signature lines from the 2011 film, “Moneyball.” It certainly applies to the moment Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts shared with a fan Monday night.

Betts was in right field at American Family Field in Milwaukee when he looked into the crowd and saw a sign. Amidst a sea of Brewers fans were a pair of Dodgers fans, both huge fans of Betts. One of the fans held a sign up that read “Mookie, wanna play catch?”

Mookie Betts obliged and played catch with the youngster in between the middle of the third inning of Los Angeles’ 4-0 victory.

Betts was generous with his time, as the two played catch the entire time in-between innings. It’s not only a memory for the fan but a souvenir, as Betts let him keep the ball before play resumed. Betts finished the game 0-5 at the dish, although I’m not so sure the fan really cares. He went home with the memory of a lifetime.

Mookie Betts the Latest to Make a Fan’s Day at the Ballpark

Mookie Betts playing catch with a young fan is the latest example of a good guy moment at the ballpark. Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto made a young Chicago Cubs fan’s day during Cincinnati’s matchup with Chicago at Wrigley Field on June 30.

Votto introduced himself to the young fan early in the game, before going deep in the sixth inning. After his home run trot, Votto shared a moment with the fan before heading into the dugout. Votto offered a high-five, which the overjoyed fan accepted.