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Morocco Player Hits Jaylen Waddle’s Touchdown Celebration After Scoring Winning Goal To Beat Spain

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

The worlds of fútbol and football have crossed again! Morocco’s Achraf Hakimi channeled his inner-Jaylen Waddle after making a game-winning penalty kick to knock out Spain and advance to the Round of 8 of the World Cup.

Hakimi drilled a game-sealing penalty kick to lift Morocco over Spain in the World Cup’s Round of 16. After making the goal, he mimicked Waddle’s touchdown celebration.

Below is the clip of Hakimi … well, waddling … to celebrate his goal and Morocco’s big win. It was a pretty cool moment to see a soccer star incorporate an NFL celebration into the World Cup.

Several NFL fans picked up on Hakimi breaking out Waddle’s celebration after the goal. It seemed to be a pretty big hit among the football lovers out there.

“Jaylen Waddle is an icon,” one fan wrote after seeing Hakimi’s celebration. Another fan chimed in, “Hit the Jaylen Waddle to send Spain home LMAO.”

A third fan added, “Jaylen Waddle’s (penguin) celly is going global.”

Does Morocco have any other special celebrations it’s waiting to break out? We’ll have to stay tuned to the World Cup in order to find out.

Matthew McConaughey Surprises Fans with World Cup Tickets

The United States might be out of the World Cup now, but before the team’s exit from the Round of 16, Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey had a major surprise for a few fans in Qatar.

McConaughey, a part owner of Austin FC, found out that a few fans of his club were in Qatar for the World Cup. Those three fans were also sporting Austin FC colors while attending the major event.

Before the U.S.’s match against The Netherlands, McConaughey surprised the trio with free tickets to the game.

“Tell ya what,” McConaughey said. “Why don’t y’all party tonight, sleep in, because Austin FC’s got tickets for you, all three to the game, how about that?”

It was an incredibly kind gesture from the movie star. Unfortunately, those fans didn’t get to see an American victory, as the United States was eliminated following the loss to The Netherlands.