Baltimore High School Football Teams Suspended From Playoffs After Wild Brawl

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by David Madison/Getty Images)

Two high school football teams in Baltimore had their seasons ended prematurely Monday after a massive fight broke out during their most recent game.

City College and Baltimore Polytechnic High School did battle on Oct. 28 at Homewood Field at Johns Hopkins University. A brawl involving players, students and community members broke out, with punches and helmets being thrown.

Tiffany Byrd, Supervisor of Athletics for City Schools, sent the following letter to both schools Monday.

“When a team engages in a fight, they are automatically suspended for the next game,” Byrd wrote, via WMAR in Baltimore. “For both of our teams, this means that they will not participate in the state playoffs.”

Byrd emphasized that fighting and poor sportsmanship “cannot be tolerated.”

“Unfortunately, fighting and poor sportsmanship cannot be tolerated and there are clear consequences,” Byrd wrote. “While we are disappointed that these teams will not compete in the playoffs, we are hopeful that all involved will learn from this experience and carry on the great traditions of our respective schools.”

City won the game, improving to 6-3 on the season. Poly, meanwhile, dropped to 8-2 — 12th among Maryland’s Class 3A High School Football Rankings. The two are reportedly bitter rivals, having played 133 times against one another.

Baltimore Mayor Speaks Out on High School Football Brawl

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott agreed with Byrd’s decision, saying that actions have consequences.

“It’s unfortunate for those young people especially in their senior year. But consequences have actions,” Scott said. “We can’t have that kind of behavior, especially when you have so many people, 7000 people, coming out to a college campus to see you play.”