NASCAR Abandoned Track Is Now a Creepy Ghost Town

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mitchell Leff/NASCAR via Getty Images

It was once the center of a lifetime of attention.

From cars whipping around leaving behind aggressive skid marks and notches of sparks, to fans cheering aggressively and lights flashing, waves flagging in the wind, and the overall stench of gasoline in the air, a lot has changed at this race track.

The Motordrome Speedway no longer gets to see any kind of racing action, at least not officially. The track has been closed down since 2016 and was only a NASCAR track for about 25 years before the closure.

Motordome Speedway is an Abandoned Wonderland

Now, those lost years are all-too-visible in the skeleton remains of the Motordome Speedway.

The YouTube series called “Dark Exploration Films” did a deep dive of the former race track located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. There is little left of the race track’s NASCAR legacy. Instead, most of the buildings have been both vandalized and looted.

The bloggers, however, discovered that there are still some parts left behind. There is still paperwork and files there that anyone interested can browse through. Somehow, looters have never been interested in touching or distributing this. There are also various memorabilia, such as magazines and photos.

Seeing as it’s very much destroyed, it doesn’t look like the race track is going to become a race track again anytime soon. Instead, it offers a type of allure for those that love abandoned places and scoping out the history still hidden under the surface.

The Motordome Speedway first became a NASCAR track in 1989. Anything from Charger, Street Stock, Modified, Late Model, and Super Compact cars all ran here at some point. It was put up for sale in 2016 after having a variety of owners over the years. It was listed for $1.1 million, but no one ever took up the opportunity. The track was leased by a gas and oil company in 2017, but nothing else has really happened yet.

Other Abandoned Race Tracks

The Motordome Speedway isn’t the only track left to gather dust.

There are several other race tracks that once were historical, but are now not much of anything. For avid NASCAR fans, however, it could be fun to visit a whole list of these tracks all across the country. There’s more than enough and it could even make a whole road trip.

One abandoned spot is the Flemington Speedway that first opened in 1910. According to Hot Cars, this track is the one that pioneered the use of foam blocks, which made crashes not as devastating. Then in 1990, the track was paved, which made it both faster and more deadly. It was demolished in 2005 after being closed in 2002.

Another closed down track is the Chicago Motor Speedway. It opened in 1999 with 67,000 seats to witness both NASCAR races and horse races.

Now, the track is a Walmart, amongst other things.