NASCAR: Brad Keselowski ‘Didn’t Realize’ Extensive Wreckage of His Car Till Seeing Pics

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Brad Keselowski was furious about his outcome in the Daytona 500. However, now that he’s had a few days to calm down, the stock car driver is taking a moment to analyze his Ford Mustang.

On Tuesday (Feb. 16) following the big race, the driver for Team Penske took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the wreck.

“Honestly, didn’t realize Kyle hit me this hard. Somehow I’m not even sore today,” Keselowski writes in response to seeing his race car. This is in response to Fox Sports reporter Vince Welch’s photos he captured of Kyle Busch’s and Keselowski’s cars.

Both cars are pretty mangled. In the photo, Busch is under the front end of his car, inspecting something. The front end is completely off and the left rear fender up to the window is totally gone.

What’s more, Brad Keselowski’s car doesn’t look much better. The Mustang is missing its right rear fender and it’s obvious it had been side-swiped by the scratched paint on the left door.

Fans of the sport share their thoughts on the looks of the cars. Many of them give a nod at the safety advancements NASCAR has implemented to protect its drivers.

“Really goes to show how safe the cars are today, Glad you & Kyle was okay, definitely a hard hit for both of you,” writes one.

“Credit to the safety innovations NASCAR has made over the years,” shares another poster.

“Im just glad you walked away from this and are doing okay,” reads this comment.

Heartbreaking Finish for Brad Keselowski

The 37-year-old spent months prepping for the Daytona 500 this year. Keselowski’s drove the Daytona 500 like a man that deserved to win. So when he crashed on the last lap, the race car driver tweeted that it was a real “heartbreaker.”

How did the wreck happen? Well, if you know anything about NASCAR, you know that a wreck is bound to happen. And, as fate would have it, this wreck unfolded on the last lap of the Daytona 500.

Keselowski was trying to pass his teammate, Joey Logano. That’s when the chaotic mess started. Keselowski’s and Logano’s cars made contact and entered Kyle Busch’s lane. Not only did Keselowski’s dream of finishing the race fade, but it also did for others as well.

Keselowski told reporters after the race he didn’t regret the move and was just trying to win.

“Don’t feel like I made a mistake, but I can’t drive everyone else’s car,” he said. “Frustrating.”