NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Alludes to Disappointment, Major Issues after Verizon 200: ‘I’ll Keep Quiet’

by Chris Haney

Following Sunday’s NASCAR race in Indianapolis, driver Bubba Wallace took to Twitter to share a veiled complaint about today’s race results.

The Verizon 200 at the Brickyard was filled with wrecks and cautions throughout the day. In addition, Wallace received a rather harsh penalty while navigating one of the race’s major crashes that led to an extended caution.

During the whole race, drivers struggled with the speed bumps at Turn 6 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race took a turn for the worst though on Lap 78 as upwards of 10 cars spun out. A handful of drivers even crashed into the wall after they hit the loose speed bump that came off the track. As numerous drivers spun out, Wallace swerved wide of the crashing cars.

However, even under the extenuating circumstances, NASCAR hit Wallace with a penalty for “cutting the course.” Bubba and his No. 23 car were simply avoiding the obstacles of a loose track bumper and wrecking cars. Yet officials hit him with the penalty regardless, which backed him up multiple positions before the restart.

To Wallace’s credit though, he came charging back late in the race from 27th all the way up to a 13th place finish. Whether fair or not, Wallace likely would’ve had a Top 10 finish without the penalty. So it was a frustrating ending to an otherwise solid day for Team 23XI.

All things considered, it was an impressive finish, but Wallace was clearly left disappointed after the race. He tweeted an amusing and short comment about the day. He recently got engaged and joked that he has a wedding to pay for now so he didn’t want to get fined for any negative comments. Additionally, Wallace added that he was glad the race was over.

Multiples NASCAR Drivers Spin Out and Crash Due to Faulty Track Bumper

During Sunday’s NASCAR race, driver Joey Logano and others slammed into the wall of the road course in a multi-car crash. As previously mentioned, Turn 6 gave drivers trouble all day long. As cars hit the turn on Lap 78, things became chaotic.

Multiple drivers including William Byron’s No. 24 car, Joey Logano’s No. 22 car, Ryan Preece’s No. 37 car, and more spun out. Additionally, some of the cars crashed into the wall. In fact, Logano and Preece came within just feet of each other as they each crashed into the wall in the same area. As the multi-wreck incident occurred, the NASCAR race’s announcers explained what seemed to cause the chaos.

“William Byron is reporting that the curb came up. He hit the curb in the [No. 24 car],” one announcer shared.

“Yea, the curbing is coming up, and that’s what everyone hit when they were coming through there in Turn 6,” the other announcer added.