NASCAR: Bubba Wallace is ‘Back in the Fry Box’ as He Gears Up For The Brickyard in New Pic

by Samantha Whidden

While gearing up for the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Verizon 200 in Indianapolis on Saturday (August 14th), professional racecar driver Bubba Wallace took to his Instagram account to share a snapshot of him preparing for the upcoming race.

“Back in the fry box this weekend in Indy,” Bubba Wallace shares in the post. The snapshot features him posing by his car. 

Bubba Wallace has had an amazing few weeks. He proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Amanda Carter. The NASCAR star shared the exciting news with a series of gorgeous snapshots of his proposal on Instagram. “Soooo yeah… I have no idea why the hell I waited so long!! Here’s to forever babe. Love you!” 

Bubba Wallace Opens Up About the Inclusiveness of NASCAR 

In a November 2020 interview with People, Bubba Wallace opened up about the inclusiveness that NASCAR now has. “I feel that overall we’ve made the sport more inclusive for people that may not otherwise have felt completely welcomed,” Bubba explained. He also gave credit to NASCAR for everything that the organization has done to help create change, as well as welcome a new fanbase. 

“We want all people – current, future, and past generations – to know that you’re always welcome at a race,” Bubba Wallace further commented. 

Bubba Wallace also discussed his decision to leave Richard Petty Motorsports to join NBA legend Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s NASCAR team, 23XI. “I’m still processing it every day. But I get to return to the Toyota Family and work with two legends in the sports world. How can I pass that by?”

Bubba Wallace went on to add that both Michael and Denny are at the top level in their careers, business, and personal lives. “So I’m excited to learn from them both.”

Bubba Admits That Racing is a Taxing Sport

Also during his interview with People, Bubba Wallace admitted that racecar driving is actually pretty exhausting. “It’s a taxing sport. You’re physically clenched to the wheel for four hours straight. Driving 500 laps in a car that is 185-190 degrees inside,” Wallace explains. He then stated that drivers can burn more than 3,000 calories while racing. 

“But it’s a brutal environment. I have had my fair share of exhaustion from it and even fainted in Atlanta after a race,” Bubba declares. He also states that the races can be brutal. He relies on a decent night’s sleep in RVs to get him through the toughest races. “If I am only getting one to two hours of sleep the night before a race, I can’t perform at the highest level,” the NASCAR star explained.