NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Wishes Kyle Busch’s Son Happy Birthday, Offers Him the ‘Hook Up’ on Fishing Gear

by Will Shepard

NASCAR heavyweights often have intense rivalries on the race track. It makes for great television, and the races are almost always highly entertaining. Over the years, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Busch have had their own rivalry.

In 2019, there was a notable crash between the two of them, where their emotions got the best of them. The incident was at the Glen race track. Both drivers were incredibly upset with one another. The spectacle was awesome for fans to watch unfold.

However, similar to most rivalries in NASCAR, Bubba Wallace, and Kyle Busch seem to like each other. When they are not racing each other for points in the Cup Series, they get along. The sport is certainly better off when drivers are battling with each other.

Today, May 18, is Kyle Busch’s son’s birthday. Brexton Busch is turning six years old today. Already he is behind the wheel of race cars, driving around dirt and paved tracks. Give it another fifteen years, and Brexton might be another force on the NASCAR circuit.

Bubba Wallace responded to a post on social media from Kyle Busch, wishing his son a happy birthday. So, he took a moment to also send along a happy birthday to Brexton.

Along with the birthday wish, he said, “let me know if you need to the hook up on some @Columbia1938 PFG. I know a guy.”

The guy Bubba Wallace knows is himself. The NASCAR driver is sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. So, if there’s anyone who can hook a birthday boy up with some sweet fishing gear, it’s the 23XI racing driver.

Kyle Busch Had His Own Birthday Recently and Capped It off With a Win in Kansas Over Bubba Wallace

On Sunday, May 2, Kyle Busch celebrated his own birthday. He turned 36 years old. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he took the checkered flag at the Buschy McBush Race 400 at Kansas Speedway. It was his first Cup Series win in the 2021 season.

Given Busch’s recent personal challenges, the win was emotional for him. After the race, his feelings got the better of him, and he did his best to put words to the emotions.

“Well, you talk about ups-and-downs of racing, it’s been a lot of downs of life for us,” Busch said. “I got a great opportunity and a great job, no doubt. But, struggling with the infertility and stuff like that with [my wife] Samantha.”

Bubba Wallace’s rival talked directly to his family, “So, hey to Samantha and Brexton back home. Hopefully, he won. I don’t know what the results are of Brexton’s race today.”

Next, the NASCAR driver realized that he had just won the aptly named race. It tied it all together for Busch and he said as much.

“And, hopefully … well, h***, I just remembered: the Buschy McBusch race,” the NASCAR driver said. “The Busch won it. What do you know? Right on!”