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NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Posts New Daytona 500 Mask Photo After Facing Backlash for Previous Pic

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace shares new photo after receiving criticism for not wearing his mask correctly during Daytona 500.

Whether he’s navigating around a last-lap crash on the track or navigating social media backlash, it seems like Bubba Wallace can’t catch a break sometimes. Most recently, Bubba shared a photo of himself during the National Anthem at the Daytona 500. The photo features Bubba in the corner of the photo while F16 Air Force Thunderbirds are in perfect uniform above him. However, there was one detail that caused a social media uproar.

If you look closely at Bubba’s mask, you’ll see that it’s not covering his nose. This means that Bubba is not wearing the face covering according to pandemic safety protocols, and people are not happy about it.

After sharing the photo, people quickly fired back criticisms.

One fan wrote, “My dude, I love you but your mask goes OVER YOUR NOSE. Please.”

Another commented, “Cover your nose or get a #mask that fits better! You could be using this opportunity to teach others how they’re supposed to wear a #mask….not encouraging them to wear it wrong. See mask tips @CDCgov.”

Others had a different opinion on the Bubba Wallace controversy. One fan wrote, “All of these people are b****ing about his mask not being over his nose. But if he pulled it up and it was caught on camera, he would be scrutinized for not respecting the jets or the anthem! Pick a battle people. Pick a battle!”

Bubba Wallace Posts New Photo With Correctly Worn Face Mask

Regardless of the differing opinions, Bubba decided to share another photo. His new photo shows him wearing his mask correctly, fully covering both his mouth and nose.

However, only one person seemed to notice that his mask was correctly placed. The only fan that seemed to appreciate the correction wrote, “That’s better.” Everyone else either criticized his driving or encouraged him to tune out the haters.