NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Races in Intense 4-Wide, Gets Quirky Nickname from NHRA Legend Antron Brown

by Evan Reier

Bubba Wallace is getting after it in a new workout video, and he’s teaming up with NHRA legend Antron Brown while doing so.

The two drivers race in two very different environments. For Bubba Wallace and NASCAR, racing is about drafting, catching turns and navigating wrecks that can involve half the field. Drag racing is obviously a different beast, as the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and Antron Brown exemplify.

But that doesn’t mean two worlds of racing don’t come together every now and again. In the latest example, Bubba Wallace met up with Antron Brown for a workout, as well as some fun on the basketball court.

The NHRA tweeted from the meetup on Thursday, May 13. Hanging out at the Toyota Racing Performance center, Brown talks to fans about Bubba Wallace and his new nickname.

“It’s A to B here,” Brown starts in the video. “And we’re at the TPC, the Toyota Performance Center. I’m here with my main man Bubba over there, I call him ‘Big D.’ We’re about to get it on today, baby. We’re about to show you what time it is.”

The pair evidently put up some shots while hanging with their vehicle makers, Toyota. But that wasn’t all they had in store as the basketball was put away in favor of their preferred method of competition: racing.

Bubba Wallace Races in a Four-Wide

Playing basketball with a legendary racer like Antron Brown is cool enough, but racing in a four-wide for a trophy is even better. Especially when you win.

Bubba Wallace got to take home a literally massive trophy on Thursday, as he and fellow NASCAR driver Daniel Hemric competed alongside NHRA drivers Shawn Langdon and J.R. Todd.

The four hit the track in Toyotas for a one-of-a-kind race, as seen in the video below.

If you couldn’t tell, Bubba ended up the victor. As a reward, he was handed a huge trophy featuring the huge lights that light up tracks like the above. Bubba Wallace may not have a win in NASCAR yet, but he can at least say he’s got a W in 2021.