NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Reveals How Changes to Sport Has Made Him ‘More Comfortable’ in His ‘Own Skin’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

NASCAR superstar Bubba Wallace is off to a fast start in 2021 in more ways than one as he looks to push his career to new heights.

Bubba Wallace has been outspoken when it comes to fighting social injustice issues and taking a stand again inequality. He has become something of an unofficial spokesman for the sport he competes in when it comes to social justice issues. His platform comes from his status as a professional athlete, knowing many people look up to him. He’s not been afraid to use it to call for positive change in his sport and across the country.

In a recent interview with PopCulture, Bubba Wallace talks about the changes NASCAR has made to become more diverse. Wallace says he is “super proud” of the direction that his sport is going in. He says changes made by NASCAR have made him more comfortable with his own voice and in his own skin.

“We just had a text a message chain pop up with our diversity and inclusion team that I’m a part of that inside NASCAR’s four walls,” Bubba Wallace says. “And seeing what they’re doing even for this month being pride month is, is huge. And there’s a long list of things that they are taking initiative and being a part of so super proud of that. It’s been quite the year since everything has gone down, but it’s made me comfortable with who I am as a person who I am as a racer, a comfortable with my own voice, my own skin.”

Bubba Wallace Praises NASCAR for Stepping Up

Bubba Wallace praised NASCAR for taking a stand on racial injustice issues, such as dealing with the Confederate Flag.

“They control the rains, and so moving forward, I just voiced my opinion,” Bubba Wallace proclaims. “I was asking what we need to do next and ask her to take it upon her shoulders and then made it happen. Hats off to everybody there. I continue to say we can’t become stagnant. We have to keep moving that we have to be fluid and adapt to new ways. Life is always changing. It’s always providing new opportunities and throwing curve balls at us. We have to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Bubba Wallace, now 27-years-old is NASCAR’s only African American driver in the sport’s three national series. Wallace competes in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving for 23XI Racing, which is owned by basketball great Michael Jordan. As a tribute to Jordan, Wallace drives the number 23 car, a Toyota Camry. The National Basketball Association Hall of Famer wore the number 23 when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

Bubba Wallace currently sits at number 21 in the overall NASCAR Cup Series rankings. NASCAR is set to invade Texas Motor Speedway this weekend for All-Star Open.