NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Shares Hilarious McDonalds ‘Rap Name’

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace hilariously shared his made-up rap name based off a McDonald’s food menu with his fans.

McDonald’s asked their followers on Twitter to share their hip-hop alter egos. The fast food chain’s account said that everyone’s rap name begins with “Lil” plus whatever you’ve eaten at McDonald’s most recently.

“Your rap name is ‘lil’ + the last thing you ordered from McDonald’s,” the account tweeted.

As a fan of hip-hop and McDonald’s, Wallace joined in on the fun. Turns out the NASCAR driver had breakfast at the fast food restaurant recently. He obviously ordered a McMuffin, according to his amusing new rap name.

“Lil McMuffin coming with that (two fire emojis),” Wallace responded to the McDonald’s post.

There’s no word on whether the NASCAR driver has traded in his race car for a microphone yet. However, it’s likely safe to assume that Wallace won’t be quitting his day job to venture into a rap career anytime soon. Even with a solid nickname like Lil’ McMuffin.

Bubba Wallace Roasts Himself at Madden Video Game Event

On Monday, Bubba Wallace joined a panel of famous athletes and celebrities who got together virtually during the Pro Bowl. The purpose of their gathering: to play Madden NFL 21.

The Pro Bowl event paired up eight current and former NFL players, and a couple of celebrities from outside the sport as well. The competitive video game event included current players Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Derrick Henry, Jamal Adams, and Marshawn Lynch. Additionally, the event included Hall of Famer Keyshawn Johnson, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, and NASCAR’s No. 23 driver.

The eight gamers went head to head, but were paired up in team’s of four. During an interview portion of the event, NFL Hall of Famer turned broadcaster Michael Strahan had a question for the players.

“Is anybody matched up with somebody that they’re kinda worried about if they can handle them or not?” Strahan asked.

After raising his hand, Wallace hilariously answered,”Me! I’m the oddball out here. I turn left for a living.”