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NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Shares Hilarious Snap ‘Contemplating’ New Sport

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

If you have ever played golf you are well aware of how frustrating the sport can be. You are probably also aware that when you finally nail that perfect drive or make a putt you didn’t think you could that golf is more fun than just about anything else you could be doing.

Based on a tweet by NASCAR star Bubba Wallace, he’s feeling more frustrated than elated with the popular sport these days. He shared his feelings on June 30.

“Contemplating why I even play this sport,” he tweeted. The caption accompanies a photo of Wallace on a golf course. He’s leaning against a golf club and looking somewhat worried at what is going on down the course. It’s a look that most amateur golfers will know very well.

Also appearing with Bubba Wallace in the photo is fellow NASCAR driver Kyle Larson. Check it out below.

Bubba Wallace’s golf-related tweet caught the attention of famous NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip. In response to Wallace’s tweet, Waltrip also said: “Because when you golf with me you feel good about your game?”

Unsurprisingly, Wallace also replied with a humorous tweet. Check it out.

Even Though He’s Frustrated On the Golf Course, NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace is Happy With a Recent Race Performance

While he might be frustrated on the golf course, Bubba Wallace is pretty pleased with his latest performance on the NASCAR race track.

On Sunday, June 27, Wallace raced to a top-five finish at the Explore the Pocono Mountains 350 at Pocono. It was the first time a driver with 23XI Racing had finished in both the top-five, as well as the top-10 in a NASCAR race.

Even though there was a question about fuel for his race car, Bubba Wallace and his team rose to the challenge.

“That kind of put us behind so we knew we had to pull some strategy. I knew our car was good enough to be top 10 and execute,” the NASCAR driver said. “I didn’t know it was gonna come down to a nail-biter for fuel, but great call by Wheels, JR (Houston, engineer), everybody back at the shop that’s punching numbers, helping us calculate throughout the weekend. It’s a good day. Good weekend.”

Wallace Talks Racing Strategy

Wallace also commented on how strategy is needed to have success on the track.

“Looking at today, it did come down to fuel mileage. A lot of people ran out, but we had a strategy and we stuck to it,” the driver said. “Everybody knows (in) NASCAR that strategy is a part of it in some way, some fashion. Our race is usually get caught up by a caution and the strategy goes out the window. So we executed the way we should.”

The top-five finish at Pocono is the latest in a series of solid performances by Bubba Wallace and his team. Including that finish, Wallace has finished in the top-15 during four of the last five NASCAR races. The last several weeks have been a solid improvement from the start of the season for the driver and company.