NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Shows Off New McDonald’s Helmet Design in Latest Post

by Quentin Blount

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace took to social media on Sunday afternoon to show off his new McDonald’s helmet design. And for those who have yet to see it, it is definitely fire.

After sporting a sweet black and blue paint scheme with Columbia as his main sponsor in Las Vegas, Wallace will be making the switch to McDonald’s colors this weekend in Phoenix.

On Sunday, Wallace posted a picture of his new helmet to his official Twitter page. The helmet has a predominantly red-and-yellow color combination. He will be sporting a gold visor with the iconic “I’m lovin’ it” phrase.

“Frank…ya gotta stop homie!” Wallace wrote on Twitter. “🔥🔥🔥🔥 so fire the cheesing is melting.”

NASCAR fans on Twitter loved the new look for Wallace’s No. 23 Toyota Camry. One Twitter user, Trisha (@Zebra_Trish), said it’s the best one she’s seen.

“By far the nicest McDonald’s scheme I have seen! 🔥” she replied.

But others were about as savage as possible when replying to Wallace’s tweet. One fan took aim at McDonald’s ice cream machines while suggesting Bubba Wallace “cool off.”

“I’d tell you to get ice cream to cool off, but this is McDonald’s we’re talking about,” he wrote. “Good luck, sir.”

Another fan jumped on the McDonald’s bandwagon and sent a similar reply.

“If anyone could figure out how to make a reliable and easy to clean ice cream/milkshake machine for @McDonalds they would be a billionaire.”

New Paint Scheme for Bubba Wallace

If his new helmet design didn’t already give it away, Bubba Wallace will be rocking a new color scheme this weekend at the Phoenix Raceway.

Wallace and 23XI Racing confirmed earlier in the week that the McDonald’s logo and colors will be the main feature of the car. And like similar color schemes in the past, it will still feature the likes of Wallace’s other sponsors Columbia Sportswear, Doordash, and Dr. Pepper.

23XI Racing took to their official social media pages to update fans on the new design.

They captioned their post by saying, “The @McDonalds paint scheme for @phoenixraceway has landed! Who’s lovin’ it?”

It especially makes sense to feature McDonald’s as a main sponsor as they joined the 23XI racing project as a founding partner. Wallace and his team are hoping that their color scheme change will lead to some better luck in the early part of the 2021 Cup Series season.

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