NASCAR: Busch Beer Giving Fans Chance to Name Race at Kansas Speedway

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, Busch Beer announced a competition for fans to create the company’s sponsorship name for the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway.

NASCAR’s 400-mile race at Kansas Speedway is getting a new name from their new sponsor. Busch is outsourcing the naming rights to fans of the beer. For now, the race is currently titled “Busch Name This Race 400,” but the brand will choose a winning name soon. 

Additionally, the fun idea will raise money for charity at the same time. Americans that are 21 years old and above are encouraged to submit their suggestions to Busch. Each suggestion costs participants only $1. Furthermore, the beer company will match every donation with $1 of their own, with all proceeds going to Farm Rescue. The non-profit organization “provides assistance to farm families during their time of need,” according to the Farm Rescue website.

“We saw the race entitlement as a truly unique opportunity to give NASCAR fans unparalleled access to the sport while supporting people and communities that can use a helping hand,” said VP of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch Daniel Blake. “Giving fans creative control over an official race name while supporting the farming community that’s so important to Busch is a perfect example of how we approach our role as the Official Beer of NASCAR.”

Name a NASCAR Race for $1 Details Explained

Fans can go to Busch’s website if they want to enter their submission to name the upcoming NASCAR race. First, participants must add their date of birth to verify that they are indeed aged 21 or older. Next, you will register with the website and must donate $1 per entry to Farm Rescue.

“We’re giving you the chance to name an actual NASCAR race – no joke. And you get to support American farmers while you’re at it,” their website explains.

“All you have to do is donate $1 to Farm Rescue, along with your suggestion for the title of the race, for a chance to see it become a real thing at Kansas. Let the names begin. #FORTHEFARMERS,” the website added.

Busch says there’s no limit on how many times NASCAR fans can submit a $1 donation or a suggested title. Therefore, the funds raised from the idea may pile up, which could make a big difference to farmers across the nation.

Busch will go through all submissions and post ones that meet the company’s terms and conditions for the contest. Fans will then vote on social media for their favorite race name. Busch will announce the winning race name between March 8 and 9.

On May 2, the upcoming NASCAR race will take place with the new name on full display. NASCAR’s broadcast team of Clint BowyerJeff Gordon, and Mike Joy will have to say the name, no matter how ridiculous it may be. In addition, the new race name will be cut into the grass at Kansas Speedway and will be on all official merchandise.