NASCAR: Chase Elliott Explains How ‘Timing’ Will Help Win Second Consecutive Cup Series Championship

by Samantha Whidden

With the NASCAR Cup Series Championship set to take place later this fall, returning champ Chase Elliott is revealing how he thinks he can win the race for a second consecutive time. 

During his interview with PopCulture, the NASCAR champion said he and his crew just have to peak at the right time. “That was really what we did best last year. We really peaked at the right time and got hot for a stretch of races that was perfect timing.”

Elliott does admit that unfortunately a racer and crew can’t always draw timing up. Nor is it just something that a NASCAR drive can simply snap their fingers and make happen.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” the NASCAR driver explained. “It’s a lot of effort. And it comes from everyone at our race shop. Everyone on the road. Myself, our off-track help. Everything has to just really be clicking at the right time.”

According to the current NASCAR standings, Elliott is currently fourth behind Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and Kyle Larson. Elliott has already reportedly won two Cup Series races along with finishing second in five races in 2021. 

Elliott Shares How He Is Preparing For the NASCAR Championship

While also chatting with PopCulture, Elliott shared how he and his crew are preparing for the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

“Our playoff run is 10 weeks, which is a long time,” the NASCAR star stated. “I mean, you’re talking a couple months’ worth of racing. Just those stretch of races, it’s tough to be at your best to peak for 10 weeks. We just hope we can peak at the right time again.”

Elliott also shared how the times have changed since his father, NASCAR racer Bill Elliott, won the Winston Cup Series Championship in the 80s. He noted that everything is just so easily accessible these days. “How NASCAR and all these different sports are trying to figure out ways to keep people engaged and what the best way to present their entertainment on TV.”  

NASCAR Star Chase Elliott Talks New Documentary ‘CHASE’

While chatting to NBC Sports, NASCAR’s Chase Elliott opened up about his personal documentary, CHASE. The documentary made its debut on Peacock earlier this week. 

“[Dale Earnhardt Jr. and I] just had some casual conversations,” the NASCAR driver tells the media outlet. “I think that was probably the best part about it. We were really just having a conversation.”

Elliott recalled learning so much about NASCAR for his father through the years. “There’s no been a lot of times where one quote has really changed my life. But certainly watching someone live day to day, or how someone treated someone. Or how someone works in their professional environment [has].”