NASCAR: Cookout Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway Has ‘Days of Thunder’ Vibes During Stunning Sunset

by Jonathan Howard

Part of the greatness of NASCAR comes from the amazing venues. The sights, the sounds, and the history. The Cookout Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway is one of those places. When the drivers took off for stage one, the sun was bright over South Carolina. As the race went on, the sun began to set and the backdrop was awe-inspiring. NASCAR Sunday under a bright orange sky, picturesque.

As the cars zipped around the track, things got a little testy. Darlington can be a cruel mistress. While things seem to be going well and fine, the next accident is waiting to happen. The wall is a dangerous hazard at this fan-favorite track. It sure looks great under that sunset sky, though.

At the track deemed “Too Tough to Tame” the view sure is beautiful. Fans craned their necks to get a look at the gorgeous sky. Thankfully, there was more than one picture taken of the view.

The racing down on the track was not as beautiful. There were cautions throughout the first two stages. Michael McDowell found himself in the wall early on and it took him out the rest of the day. With such high stakes this late in the season, drivers hate to see that happen. However, he wouldn’t be the only driver to take a bad wreck into the wall at the Cookout Southern 500.

Cookout Southern 500 Issues

There have been multiple issues on the track at the Cookout Southern 500 in Darlington. Even before the race got started, there were problems. Austin Dillon failed multiple prerace inspections in his No.3 car. For those failures, he was forced to start in the back of the field. Dillon also failed to make the playoffs after finishing 17th in the regular season. He was just one spot from qualifying for the postseason.

Michael McDowell found himself going into the wall early. Stage one got a little testy early. While driving a little wide on the turn, the car slid and then spun into a wall. The front end of the Ford Mustang was dented and bent up. It was clear the car and McDowell would be done for the rest of the day. You just hate to see a driver go out that way. However, the team will rebound and head to Richmond Raceway, where they hope to make a comeback.

After that, Chase Elliott appeared to have issues after a pit stop. His car was smoking as he pulled out which is never a good thing. NASCAR has kept up to date over on their Twitter. Darlington Raceway is not going to be nice to these drivers and that has been apparent all night during the race. Hopefully, drivers can finish up in a safe manner and the cautions have limited the rest of the way for the Cookout Southern 500.