NASCAR Cup Champ Chase Elliott Set to Face Off Against His Dad at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

by Samantha Whidden

NASCAR Cup champion Chase Elliott announced on his Twitter account that is set to face off against his dad and fellow NASCAR racer, Bill Elliott on Saturday, July 17th, at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. 

“See you on the track old man,” Chase Elliott tweets. He then posts the event’s promo, which reads “Battle of the Elliotts,” featuring the NASCAR father-son duo. 

Chase Elliott took home the checkered flag during the Fourth of July NASCAR race at the Road America Track in Wisconsin. As previously reported, Chase now ranks third in road course victories in NASCAR Cup Series history.

NASCAR’s Chase Elliott Talks “Greatest Advice” His Father Has Ever Given Him

In a 2020 interview with Fox News, Chase Elliott reveals the greatest advice that his father, a NASCAR Hall of Fame, ever shared.

“The big thing from talking to dad that I feel like he’s kind of mentioned is to just enjoy these moments because these aren’t things you can take for granted,” Chase states. 

Bill Elliott, then says that he told his son if he wants to race, then race. But he doesn’t want to race, he doesn’t have to. “Don’t do it on my account,” Bill explains. “If that’s what you really truly want to do, do it.”

Chase also notes that since nothing is guaranteed, he’s just enjoying the moments and trying to embrace them.

“You wish you could just slow down time and enjoy that moment and make it last a little longer.” The young NASCAR racer then goes on to add that he feels like he’s not taking anything for granted. “Knowing that it’s not an easy thing, it’s not something that comes every day, and to try to make the most of a great opportunity.”

Chase Elliott’s NASCAR Racing Career So Far

Chase Elliott currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series and drives the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE for Hendrick Motorsports. He notably became the first rookie to win a national series championship when he won the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series championship. 

Elliott was also named the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie. In 2020, he won the NASCAR Cup Series championship. He now has 13 career wins in the Cup Series, with seven on-road courses. 

Following his recent win at the Road America Track, Chase talked to NBC Sports about the pressure he experienced.

“I haven’t spent any time in Wisconsin, so I’m not sure why [the fans] were so loud. It was super cool. Man, they were fired up.” Elliott then discusses the amount of peer pressure he felt to do the burnouts were intense. “I don’t know that I’ve ever had that much peer pressure in my life to do a burnout,” he jokes.