NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Owns an Old Western Town: Take a Tour of the 300 Acre Property

by Madison Miller

Back before Dale Earnhardt was married to his wife, Amy Reimann, he was living out his “bachelor” days.

The now semi-retired NASCAR driver with two Daytona 500 wins liked to hang out with his friends and have a good time. Through his racing and other business ventures, Earnhardt has a net worth of about $70 million. This means he had some extra spending money to invest in something he really wanted.

Earnhardt’s Old West Town

In an HBO video, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took a drive through what was a huge part of those days for him. He has a massive 300-acre Old Western town that he had created years ago. It has everything from a saloon to a tavern and he named it Whiskey River.

“I wanted a place for me and my friends to hang out and I didn’t want to destroy my house … we would drink a lot of beer and hang out and have fun and stay up all night,” Earnhardt said about his decision to have the small Western town built.

The property looks like something a Western movie or TV show would use as a set.

The saloon looks to be the biggest attraction in the makeshift Western town. Inside is a large wooded room with a bar counter and several tables to sit at. It also has a pool table and several arcade games. The purpose of the Western town was an escape for Dale Earnhardt Jr. during his racing days.

Mike Davis, who was Earnhardt’s managing director, gave a small tour of the property. He noted his favorite thing was coming back after a long weekend of racing and going to Whiskey River. They would sit out in front of the makeshift “jail” and drink beer while sitting on a rocking chair.

According to Sportscasting, Earnhardt owed the idea to invest in Whiskey River to music icon Willie Nelson. Nelson had starred in a film adaptation of “Red Headed Stranger” in 1985. While it was in production, Nelson created his own Wild West town, which he called Luck, Texas.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Amy Reimann

Around the same time, Earnhardt was working on creating his massive house in North Carolina. He hired a team of interior designers to help put it all together. This is how he met his future wife, Amy.

He explained in the HBO interview that she would ask him questions about design or decorations and he would always just tell her to do whatever. “Do it however you want it because you’re going to be living in it one day,” Earnhardt said to her.

His flirtatious comment ended up being very true. The two got married on New Year’s Eve in 2015. They also had their first child together on April 30, 2018.

While he didn’t seem as into interior decorating and design back then, the two have taken on several home design projects over the years. The two had their own show called “Renovation Realities: Dale Jr. & Amy.” Besides the massive North Carolina property with the Old West town, a NASCAR graveyard, a garage, and a treehouse, the couple has bought and flipped several houses over the years.