NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals What Race Track He Feels ‘Personally’ Connected To

by Chris Haney

During an interview from earlier today, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. opened up about a couple of the race tracks that he feels a strong connection to even today.

Earnhardt joined the hosts of the Today show on Tuesday morning where he spoke about his racing career. In addition, he talked about the second season of his show Lost Speedways on the NBC streaming service Peacock. The television series explores abandoned race tracks across the country. As the hosts say, the show is part history lesson and part treasure hunt.

The conversation eventually turned to Earnhardt’s love for certain tracks. The former NASCAR driver shared a couple of his favorites that he considers personally special. One of those is a track that he used to race on during his early years. The Myrtle Beach Speedway closed in August 2020 after 62 years of racing. You can tell Earnhardt already misses it.

“Going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in Season 2 was pretty personal, because I raced at that track. And they just closed that race track for redevelopment at the end of 2020,” Earnhardt shared on the Today show. “So that was very fresh for the community. When we talked to people that spent a lot of time there either watching races or racing at the race track, you can tell in their emotions that it’s very difficult for them to see the track go.”

Additionally, Earnhardt said he has a soft spot for Texas World Speedway. The NASCAR icon said that most of the lost raceways are smaller half-mile dirt race tracks. However, Texas World Speedway is the only abandoned two-mile-long speedway in the country. He’s still shocked the track didn’t survive, but his team covers that story at length on Lost Speedways.

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks About ‘Unfinished Business’ On the Race Track

In the same interview, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was asked if he ever thinks about getting into the driver’s seat again. He quickly answered that with an emphatic “every day.” The NASCAR legend admits he often thinks about whether he left the sport too soon. He says that thought will likely stick with him forever.

“I’m 46 years old and there are a lot of guys that are still racing at this age and are still competitive. I feel like I have some unfinished business and there’s that little bit in you that always wonders if you walked away too soon or if you retired from driving full-time too soon. I’ll probably always wonder about that,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. explained.

The famous racer told the hosts of Today that he was 99% sure he’d never race full-time again. But he is getting his NASCAR fix while in the broadcasting booth calling races these days. Earnhardt considers it to be another outlet to pour his love for the sport into.

“I use that excitement for driving, I use the fact that I miss it, I use that in the broadcast. I want to be out there, I think that energy is good for the broadcast,” Earnhardt added.