NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip Says His ‘System is Working’ as a Hawk Visits His Home in Gorgeous Pic

by Matthew Memrick

Call it what you want, but NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip’s new multiple bird feeder set up with a hawk is “working.”

Sadly, he couldn’t announce “Boogity, boogity, let’s get feeding” to the birds.

The former NASCAR racer and Tennessee resident posted a Twitter photo of six bird feeders. A hawk sat on a shepherd’s hook with two bird feeders on it. 

Ol’ DW quipped, “Good Morning America, twitterville, looks like my ‘hawk eye’ system is working this morning!”

All those bird feeders and nary a bird because of that mean ol’ hawk. The 74-year-old man could show off his nicely manicured backyard if you could see past the hawk.

Several Twitter fans praised the bird feeders and the backyard.

In another fun Tweet this summer, he asked about a squirrel.

NASCAR Legend Keeping Busy

Waltrip retired from Fox Sports as a NASCAR race commentator at the end of the 2019 season.

Two years since he left the booth, he’s used Twitter to keep his commentary skills sharp. He keeps up with fan mail, and in an April story, he talked about his younger pack of fans.

“It’s amazing to me the number of people that think all I’ve ever done is TV, and I’m only famous for saying ‘Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let’s Go Racin’ Boys,’” Waltrip said.

The old racer wants fans to know about his driving career, but his entertainment roles stick out, of course. Fans still are warm to his voice part in the animated movie “Cars,” but they “think he was some guy in a movie.”

“(For every fan letter he responds to) I send a postcard with the results from when I drove,” Waltrip said.

For Waltrip, it’s always been about racing, sharing his knowledge about cars, and even bragging about his skills a little bit.

“I get a chance today to do things that maybe I never got a chance to do before, Waltrip said. “But I enjoy it.”

Now, he said he can sit back and be amazed at 74 years of his life. He can share his driving and broadcasting memories, talk about presidents and governors he’s known, write books, sell cars, and do just about anything.  

Waltrip Staying Sharp

This past weekend, he shared his observations during the Darlington race.

The track repaved its Turn 2, and Waltrip was quick to point out, “One thing you learn at @TooToughToTame you don’t worry about the competition, you worry about the track, the track is what beats you most of the time!!”

As a NASCAR racer, he competed for 29 years and ran in 809 Cup races.

With former team owner Rick Hendrick, Waltrip owns a few car dealerships just south of Nashville.