NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Takes a Hilarious Shot at Kyle Larson After Day on the Golf Course

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin hilariously roasted fellow racer Kyle Larson following their outing on the golf course today.

Hamlin and Larson got a round in earlier today, and by the sounds of it, Denny came out on top today. Either that or his trash talking is throwing us all off to make us think that’s the case. The FedEx No. 11 driver shared a photo of Larson teeing off on one of the 18 holes. There’s some trees lining the left side of the hole, but past that the fairway seems wide open.

Larson clearly made contact with his drive, but it’s hard to tell where his shot went from the picture alone. The photo captures Larson mid-swing right after he teed off since the ball is still within a foot of his driver. What seems to be a solid shot, may not have been, according to Hamlin.

At a minimum, Larson’s drive may not have gone as far as Hamlin’s tee shot. Hamlin poked fun at the No. 5 NASCAR driver who teed off with his, well, driver. Hamlin wrote that when it comes to the “best driver” on the day, Larson “lost by 500 yards.”

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Sounds off After Being Spun Out in Overtime

Two weeks ago, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin wasn’t exactly in a joking mood like he was on the golf course today. While in overtime of the Verizon 200  at the Brickyard, racer Chase Briscoe sent the FedEx driver spinning.

Hamlin had a chance for an overtime victory before Briscoe nudged his race car, which skidded off the track. His No. 11 Toyota spun out of control before coming to a stop facing the opposite way of traffic coming around the road course turn.

Thankfully, Hamlin’s car still finished the race since it didn’t get too banged up. But he went from a possible win to a 23rd place finish. Hamlin also shared his thoughts on the wreck after the NASCAR race came to an end.

“I mean, I agree, it’s not on purpose. But my team told me he had a penalty right away. And to me, it’s obvious, if you cut the racetrack and end up in the lead, you’re going to have a penalty. So, lack of awareness,” Hamlin said. “So, I don’t think he did it maliciously. I’ve raced with him for a year now and, you know, he’s not that kind of person. It’s just bad judgment.”

Briscoe responded to the incident as well. Just before the wreck, Briscoe cut the corner to rejoin the field, which earned his team a penalty. As he tried to improve his position, he ended up bumping Hamlin while making his move. In Briscoe’s defense, he didn’t realize he had been penalized.

“I didn’t even know we had a penalty until we got to turn ten. I get why he’s upset, but Denny’s been in my situation. I’m sorry it ruined his day but I didn’t know I had a penalty. If I had known I never would have tried to make that pass,” Briscoe explained.