NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Has a History of Blasting Uber Drivers: ‘That Guy Was Terrible’

by Josh Lanier

Don’t expect any professional courtesy from NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin. He’s not afraid to give out low ratings for bad rideshare drivers. A clip of him discussing the topic resurfaced after he slammed an Uber driver on Twitter recently.

TMZ asked Hamlin shortly after he won the 2016 Daytona 500 if he ever used Uber or Lyft. He said he did. So the inevitable question is, what’s it like for a professional driver to be stuck in the backseat of an amateur’s car? It’s not always fun as Hamlin found out.

“I actually had to turn one driver in because he was awful,” Hamlin said. “He was driving like 30 miles per hour below the speed limit, and he was swerving all over the road. I felt bad because I like giving good ratings because I like getting picked up but that guy was terrible.”

Hamlin also admitted that if he gets a flat tire while driving his personal car, he calls AAA. Once you get used to having a pit crew swap out your wheels, it’s hard to go back it seems.

Denny Hamlin Calls Out Uber Driver in Miami

Denny Hamlin went way beyond giving this Uber driver one star. He posted the man’s information on Twitter and slammed him to the company.

“Dear @Uber. This guy that is driving around Miami south beach is a complete douche bag,” he tweeted, including the man’s driver profile.

It’s unclear what Alejandro did to deserve the NASCAR drivers’ scorn. But it must have been bad enough for Hamlin to go scorched earth and include the driver’s picture, name, profile, and the general location where he drives.

Most of the replies believed Hamlin likely could have handled this privately. He has enough clout to reach company higher-ups for customer service. A world-famous driver putting an Uber driver on blast for an unknown altercation doesn’t play well.

“I think the DBag is the multi-millionaire race car driver publicly shaming the Uber driver on Twitter as opposed to using Uber’s own feedback system. Feeling a bit entitled today Denny?” one person posted. The NASCAR driver actually responded to this tweet. He called the driver disrespectful, writing, “This is reverse entitlement. I wasn’t the one who was disrespectful.”

Others felt the same way, but were more tactful with Hamlin.

“Unless he did something extremely egregious, there is a better way to handle this privately,” someone else posted. “I doubt you care, but you probably just cost this guy his job. I hope whatever he did to you rose to the level of him needing to be terminated, otherwise, this is just mean-spirited.”