NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Perfectly Captions Pic of His Car Surrounded by Police Officers

by Quentin Blount

Popular NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is always up to something. That seemed like especially the case on Sunday while his car was surrounded by police officers.

Hamlin, the driver of the No. 11 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing, had a busy weekend at Ponoco Raceway. He and the rest of the drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series took part in a doubleheader on Saturday and Sunday that resulted in wild finishes both days. However, prior to the race on Sunday, Hamlin took a moment to show a group of police officers the interior of his car.

From the outside looking in, having four police surrounding your car isn’t a good look. So naturally, Denny Hamlin had to make light of the situation on social media.

“Excuse me officer, I’d like to report a robbery,” Hamlin wrote alongside a photo of the officers checking out his ride.

Evidently, NASCAR fans found the situation to be pretty funny.

“Speeding on pit road,” one fan joked.

Hamlin Fights for Top-5 Finish at NASCAR Cup Series Race

After scoring a fourth-place finish at Ponoco on Saturday, Denny Hamlin was looking to run even better on Sunday. But he was among a group of contenders who were running low on fuel late in the race. As a result, Hamlin hit pit road on lap 138. In doing so, he gave up the lead to his teammate and the race’s eventual winner, Kyle Busch.

Even though his team didn’t come away with a win on the weekend, Hamlin believes they are getting a little better after every race. Those consistent, incremental improvements are vital for a NASCAR driver.

“Just do what I’m told. Don’t run when I’m not supposed to run, run when I’m supposed to run. The result is we pitted on the last lap for three weeks in a row,” Hamlin said. “That’s tough. I mean, I hate seeing the white coming to pit road. It’s just so frustrating. Fuel mileage has got us the last two weeks. Lug nuts the week before. We’re running fast. We’re getting a little better. I think overall we had a little bit more speed this weekend than what we’ve had the past few weeks. Yeah, can’t see the checkered right now.”

But he and the crew at Joe Gibbs Racing did pick up a top-5 finish on Saturday. For those who don’t know, Denny Hamlin is tied with Jeff Gordon for the most-ever wins at Ponoco.

“We were good, definitely a good improvement to the field over the last month or so,” Hamlin said. “But I thought, certainly in clean air, there was certainly no one faster than us. I thought we were the fastest car at the end. I didn’t want to see that last caution.”