NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Reveals Where He Considers Himself Among the Greats

by Will Shepard

NASCAR has some elite names across the sport’s history. Denny Hamlin isn’t too far from entering the conversation of greatest of all time.

Of course, there is some serious work to do for the NASCAR driver to become the lone great one. Ahead of Denny Hamlin on the proverbial “G.O.A.T.” chart are some recognizable names. Even though there are five or six people that are always in the conversation, there is no clear-cut winner yet.

There appears to be a lot left in Denny Hamlin’s tank. He is off to a hot start this season and has a fairly commanding lead of first place in NASCAR’s Cup Series. Although he hasn’t won a race yet this season, he has 6 top-five finishes. More importantly, he has 327 points this season.

So, how does he rank in the all-time conversation? Is there a case to be made that he will be the greatest NASCAR driver of all time?

Denny Hamlin Believes That He Is Climbing Up the Greatest Of All Time NASCAR Driver’s List

Denny Hamlin talked with Air Jordan yesterday, April 9, about where he sees his legacy right now. One of the questions he was asked where he considers himself among the greats. The star NASCAR driver measured his response carefully.

“Like any other sport, it’s hard to place because we’re in a different age now. I believe that athletes today are bigger and stronger than they’ve ever been; and in NASCAR, they’re faster and more knowledgeable than they’ve ever been because they’ve started earlier in their career.”

In terms of the all-time list, Danny Hamlin is still chasing some big names. Richard Petty stands far away from the rest of the field with 200 career wins. The next closest driver is David Pearson, who had 105 wins.

“I hold the accomplishments we’ve gotten pretty high. 20-30 years ago, I would say there were probably five or six cars that could win a race. Now, there are 15-20 cars that can win in any given week. So, if you can win a handful, five or six a year, that’s really putting yourself in the upper echelon.”

However, Denny Hamlin is certainly correct in saying that NASCAR drivers have only gotten better since the beginning of the sport’s popularity. Cars have gotten better as well.

But, making the case for Denny Hamlin to join the greatest of all-time list is still tough. He is one of only four NASAR drivers to win the Daytona 500 in back-to-back years – 2019 and 2020. However, he is still looking for the elusive Cup Series championship.

So, while his legacy is already outstanding, Denny Hamlin is still looking to add to it. There are plenty of NASCAR races left this year for him to show off his skill.