NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Says He’s Buying ‘Flowers’ for Kurt Busch After Wrecking Him in Atlanta

by Matthew Wilson

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is trying to make amends with fellow driver Kurt Busch after a recent wreck during a race in Atlanta. He’s even buying Busch flowers or at least jokingly so.

Hamlin responded to Busch’s brother Kyle on Twitter. Kyle Busch asked the NASCAR driver where he was at. In response, Hamlin replied, “Buying your brother flowers.” Hamlin and Kurt Busch were both involved in a collision at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday (March 21).

Denny Hamlin Causes Kurt Busch to Wreck

Both Hamlin and Busch competed in Sunday’s race. But things ended tragically short for Busch, several laps short of the 500-mile finish. Busch’s race ended early at just the 113th lap. Hamlin caused Busch to wreck by bumping the driver into the wall.

As a result, Busch wasn’t too thrilled to see his race come to an end. Though he didn’t believe Hamlin intentionally took him out, Busch voiced his annoyance at the driver in a post-race interview.

“It looks like he didn’t do anything vicious or malicious there,” Busch said. “It’s just…dude, bro, it’s a 500-miler. These are the days that hurt the worst. This absolutely hurts the worst because we had a top-five, Monster Energy-winning Chevy, and I’m sitting here talking with you guys. I’m pretty pissed off. It’s a restart. Where are we going to go, man? Just chill.”

The collision happened during the start of Stage 2 of the race. Busch led the charge in the outside lane with his fellow drivers stacking up behind him. As Busch and the lane slowed, Hamlin maintained his same speed and trajectory. As a result, he ended up knocking Busch front-first into the wall. The resulting collision took Busch out of the race.

Hamlin himself suffered damage during the race. His No. 11 Toyota Camry had its left rear fender dented after a tire from Busch’s team struck the back of his car. The accident sent Hamlin to the pit to get his car fixed up. Both drivers will prepare for the next Cup Series race at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

“We’ll go to work on it. Just trying to gather a notebook,” Hamlin said. “I just hate that we’re having these clean races and everything, but there’s always just one or two cars that are a little bit faster.”

Hamlin appears apologetic for the role he played in Busch’s crash. But there’s tension between Busch and Hamlin after the crash. Busch feels rightfully annoyed that he didn’t get to finish the race. But in a sport like NASCAR, anything can happen.