NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Speaks Out on How It Feels to Be 3-Time Daytona 500 Winner

by Madison Miller

Denny Hamlin has been paving a legendary resume out on the NASCAR tracks. Hamlin has been racing professionally since 2005. Since then, he has won 44 NASCAR Cup Series races. In addition to his success racing, Hamlin also is the co-owner of the 23XI Racing team and is a partner with the Jordan brand.

The 23XI Racing team is led by Hamlin and NBA icon Michael Jordan. It is a single-car team for the 2021 season. NASCAR star Bubba Wallace drives the No.23 car for the team.

Denny Hamlin and Daytona 500 Wins

The most impressive part of his ongoing career is perhaps the three Daytona 500 wins that Hamlin has under his belt. He has won in 2016, 2019, and 2020. He is the fourth person to win back-to-back seasons, including Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, and Sterling Marlin.

Denny Hamlin is also one of six people to have won three Daytona 500s as well. Bobby Allison, Dale Jarrett, Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty, and Cale Yarborough share this particular racing honor. From growing up in Virginia dreaming of racing and NASCAR to becoming one of the best drivers out there now, Hamlin has come a long way.

How does it feel to win the biggest race in NASCAR three times?

Hamlin admits in an interview with Jordan Brand that he can’t help but think of the wins he left behind. He said, “What I think about is all the ones that I should have won.” Meanwhile, the three wins are not something he takes lightly.

“I never would have dreamed of winning one, even though my childhood self felt differently. That race is so difficult to win because you need so many different things to go in your favor. You need skill, a fast car and a team effort when you’re on pit road. But you also need to have good luck, too. You have to miss the big wrecks when they do happen, and you have to know where to be in order to avoid those big wrecks. I’ve been very fortunate to come out unscathed for the last seven, eight years. It’s been a great run. I’ve just trusted my instincts on those types of races,” Hamlin said.

Every day he is physically reminded of his success on the track. Denny Hamlin’s trophies for all sit grouped together in a showroom. He calls it a reminder of the “great accomplishments” his career has brought him so far.

For the rest of his career, Hamlin is hoping to get to his overall goal of winning 60 races. As of now, he is only 16 away from that target.

The Latest on Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin recently walked away with the Busch Pole Award during the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway last month. He will also be racing in the Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 on Saturday in his No.11 Toyota.

Hamlin, however, has also had some controversy circulating around him after a tweet from April 3. He wrote, “Dear @Uber. This guy that is driving around Miami south beach is a complete douche bag.”

People were quick to call him out for posting the man’s photo on social media instead of just using Uber’s rating system or customer service. One person wrote, “I think the DBag is the multi millionaire race car driver publicly shaming the Uber driver on Twitter as opposed to using Ubers own feedback system. Feeling a bit entitled today Denny?”

Hamlin responded, “This is reverse entitlement. I wasn’t the one who was disrespectful.”

Many people said Hamlin should have handled it privately, seeing as the man may lose his job now.

“Multi-millionaire, professional athlete with the ability to hire any transportation he wants publicly shames a service worker who’s just trying to make a living,” another person wrote.