NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Unleashes on Uber Driver in New Tweet

by Matthew Wilson

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin may be known for his driving skills on the track. But on social media, he unleashed a different kind of driver. Hamlin roasted his Uber driver for all of his followers and the general public to see.

It’s unknown what the Uber driver, named Alejandro, did to Hamlin. But whatever it was, Hamlin felt angry enough to publicly shame the rideshare driver on Twitter. In his tweet, Hamlin included a picture of the Uber driver, his name and profile, and the general location where he drives.

In his tweet, Hamlin wrote, “Dear @Uber. This guy that is driving around Miami south beach is a complete douche bag.”

Currently, it is also unknown what repercussions or effects that Hamlin’s tweet may have for the Uber driver. Since it’s not known what the Uber driver did, it’s hard to judge whether Hamlin perhaps acted too harshly with his public ridiculing.

Fans Weigh on the NASCAR Driver’s Tweet

In response to the tweet, Uber asked Hamlin for more information about the incident and what happened. They responded publicly to Hamlin’s tweet, writing, “Thanks for reaching out. Please send us a DM with the phone number associated with your account as well as more information regarding your concern, so we can assist you further.”

Of course, not everyone is happy with the way that Hamlin handled the situation. Some of his followers are calling the NASCAR driver out for the tweet. They said Hamlin should have used the rideshare app’s feedback system rather than endanger a person’s source of income.

For instance, one user wrote, “I think the DBag is the multi-millionaire race car driver publicly shaming the Uber driver on Twitter as opposed to using Uber’s own feedback system. Feeling a bit entitled today Denny?”

The NASCAR driver actually responded to this tweet himself. He called his Uber driver disrespectful, writing, “This is reverse entitlement. I wasn’t the one who was disrespectful.”

But several other users agreed that Hamlin perhaps handled the situation the wrong way. Some of his fans also called out Hamlin for using public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another user commented, “Unless he did something extremely egregious, there is a better way to handle this privately. I doubt you care, but you probably just cost this guy his job. I hope whatever he did to you rose to the level of him needing to be terminated, otherwise, this is just mean-spirited.”

It remains to be seen what effect Hamlin’s tweet might have on the Uber driver or his own popularity with the fans.