NASCAR: Denny Hamlin ‘With All Due Respect’ Takes Fire at Various Race Tracks in New Post

by Thad Mitchell

NASCAR superstar Denny Hamlin is using social media to sound off on the lack of racing driver input in reconfiguring various speedway tracks.

Denny Hamlin, one of the most successful NASCAR racers of the era, was responding to a social media post from a racing fan. The post in question is a quote from Speedway Motorsports senior vice-president for operations and development, Stephen Swift. The tweet doesn’t come with much context but it is obviously a sore spot among NASCAR drivers and fans. In his quote, Swift suggests that his organization should focus on fan input more than driver input.

“I say this in kind of jest, when a driver is happy about our race track, usually the fans aren’t,” Speedway Motorsports senior vice-president for operations and development Stephen Swift said. “We want to make sure what we’re creating is what the fans want to see.”

Hamlin is no stranger to taking up issues using social media and was quick with a reply tweet regarding the subject.

“With all due respect,” he says to begin his social media post. “This same group has reconfigured Texas, Kentucky, Bristol with zero driver input. One of those lost a race, another one we don’t race anymore, and last one we put dirt over it. But hey, what do the drivers know.”

The NASCAR star driver concludes his reply tweet with a frowning emoji to signify his feelings on the subject.

NASCAR Fans Chime In On Social Media Post

As you would expect, NASCAR fans were quick to chime in on Hamlin’s recent remarks. Many fans agree with him that drivers should have more input on track designs. Others seemingly just want to see some budding drama in the sport. It certainly sparked some lively debate among NASCAR enthusiasts, who flooded Twitter to share their own thoughts on the subject.

“I just like all racing,” a NASCAR fan writes. “It’s best that Y’all the drivers think the product is good as y’all are the entertainment. NASCAR doesn’t need pack racing at Atlanta they need a package where the drivers have to wheel it around the place. Fans will like that.”

Other racing fans took an opposing view on the situation, saying they would prefer frequent lead changes.

“Yes, NASCAR needs pack racing at Atlanta and a lot of other tracks,” another social media user says. “Real racing is lead changes. Make them keep repassing.”

Denny Hamlin is no stranger to social media controversies. Earlier this year, fans became upset when he doxed a Miami Uber driver.

The NASCAR star is one of the best drivers currently in the game with three Daytona 500 wins under his belt. Earlier this year he earned a contract extension from his team, Joe Gibbs Racing, that will keep him on the track for the foreseeable future.