NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Breaks Down Moments Leading to His Emotional First Cup Series Win

by Jonathan Howard

This Monday, after a postponement of an entire day due to weather, Bubba Wallace earned his first Cup Series win. The NASCAR driver had the lead in the second stage when the weather once again turned its ugly head. The race ended and Wallace collected his victory.

One of his longtime sponsors, Mobil 1 had Wallace sit down to talk about his victory at Talladega.

“The weather’s around, the weather is there we know it’s going to be a big factor all race long it’s just a matter of timing. At times, it was ‘We’re racing halfway,’ or ‘We’re going the full distance.’ There was always just that dark cloud hanging over the track. So, it was just like, ‘Man the end is near, I think it’s going to be over quicker than we think.”

He couldn’t have been more right. When it comes to racing in NASCAR, you have to be aware of so much. Not just your position on the track and the position of others around you, but the weather is an important factor. When it comes down to a race being ended due to weather, crews need to communicate with their drivers.

Bubba Wallace and his No.23 crew for 23XI made sure to stay in contact. When it came down to making a move, they knew what was coming. So, when Wallace got the go-ahead, he let his foot hit the floor and started racing.

Making a move from 20th to the front of the pack is easier said than done. Wallace and that No.23 car zoomed around the track, found the right grooves, and kept things moving.

Bubba Wallace Breaks Down His Mobil 1 Moment

As the weather threatened to end the race at any moment, Bubba Wallace kept his composure. Nothing was for certain, but it became clear that this was going to end in the near future. Get to the front, put yourself in a strong position and try to come away with the best result possible.

Folks can comment on getting a win due to weather, but it is a normal part of the sport. Plenty of drivers have wins this way. Everyone knew the weather was coming in and various teams made a run at that top spot. However, it came down to one crucial moment.

“Throwing a big block on the 2 car was definitely the Mobil 1 moment of the race for me. Just to stop their momentum and keep us where we’re at. And the caution fell the next lap. Didn’t think that was the race-winning move until you start seeing raindrops on the windshield. So, just super cool. Very special, very meaningful to get my first Cup [Series] win.”

Bubba Wallace, NASCAR Cup Series winner.