NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Hilariously Roasts Himself During 2021 Pro Bowl Event

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today, the NFL held their virtual Pro Bowl event to celebrate the NFL season and its successful handling of the pandemic protocols. The event featured some of the league’s best players as well as some Hall-of-Famers from the past. Also included on the broadcast were some celebrities and athletes from other sports. All of these high-profile celebs got together to play a game of Madden NFL 21.

For instance, the NASCAR superstar Bubba Wallace hopped on the call to talk to some of the NFL Pro Bowl players and control one of the “All-Star” teams. He also cracked a hilarious joke while talking to the teams. The joke caused the game to halt for a period of time while the other players and celebrities caught their breath.

As they prepared for the game, host Michael Strahan posed a question. “Is anybody matched up with somebody that they are kinda worried about that they can handle them or not, he asked? Wallace then raised his hand in the air and said “Me. I’m the oddball out here. I turn left for a living.”

The NFC Wins the NFL Pro Bowl

His joke was hilarious, however, his playing skills were nothing to joke about. He took over the game in the second quarter with a 7-6 lead. From there, he racked up 19 more points against Keyshawn Johnson, a former number one overall pick in the NFL draft. While the NFL Pro Bowl game may have been virtual, Bubba Wallace probably deserved MVP.

The NFL Pro Bowl this year certainly looked different this year than past years. However, the change in scenery felt refreshing as the previous Pro Bowls have felt underwhelming. Obviously the rules and protocols to keep the players safe are necessary.

However, at a certain point, a game of two-hand-touch seems somewhat unnecessary. But, if the money is there, the NFL will do it. It will be interesting to see next year how the NFL decides to go about the Pro Bowl. For now, however, we will have to be satisfied with the Madden NFL 21 matchup.