NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Discuss Their McDonald’s Breakfast Order

by Katie Maloney

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace may be contractually obligated to broadcast his McDonald’s breakfast order. Nevertheless, we love the hype.

Along with DoorDash, Columbia Sportswear, Dr. Pepper, and Root Insurance, McDonald’s is a lead sponsor of Bubba Wallace during this year’s NASCAR season. As a result, fans have received all kinds of insight into Bubba’s fast food preferences. Most recently, Bubba shared his breakfast order after a plane ride to his next race. He even got his friend, former football star Chad Johnson (Ochocinco), in on the order.

Along with a photo of the McDonald’s menu, Bubba wrote, “Just touched down in A town.. early morning fuel for today. Yessir! @McDonalds Whatcha want bro I got [email protected]

Chad Johnson replied, “Hot cakes w/sausage & large OJ”

As a matter of fact, Johnson is known to regularly dine at the fast-food establishment. Therefore, Wallace knew that Ocho Cinco would chime in with an answer.

Why Are NASCAR Sponsorships So Important to Drivers?

Sponsorships are the lifeblood of motorsports. This has been emphasized ever further during the pandemic this past year. The NASCAR Cup Series and other racing circuits rely heavily on revenue from fans. But without fans in the stands, the tracks have had to rely on TV money. And the teams are more dependent on sponsors than ever before.

In other words, Bubba Wallace needs to hype his sponsors in order to keep his job. And fans aren’t complaining about Bubba’s breakfast orders, as long as it allows them to keep watching their favorite sport. This past week, Bubba shared a photo of his car’s new paint scheme. The race marked the debut of his McDonald’s-themed car. The car featured the iconic McDonald’s red, yellow and white colors. And, of course, the “M” logo was prominently featured on both the hood and sides of the car.

Bubba Wallace Teams Up With McDonald’s to Mentor Teens

McDonald’s recently started its Black & Positively Golden Mentors program. And now, they are bringing the program into the world of competitive racing. During an episode of its online series, Bubba Wallace mentored Rajah Caruth, an 18-year-old aspiring NASCAR/Rev Racing driver. Bubba talked about the sport and gave Rajah advice on how to navigate adversity in motorsports. During an interview, Bubba shared what it was like teaming up with his sponsor for the program.

“As a McDonald’s racing partner, I couldn’t be more excited about being a Black & Positively Golden mentor,” said Wallace. “Mentorship is important in racing and in life, and I’m honored to help elevate young leaders as they pursue their passions and dreams. Golden Mentors is a perfect combination of both and I’m here for it all.”