NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott Has ‘No Time to Die’ in New Pic With James Bond Star Daniel Craig

by Jonathan Howard

The new James Bond film, No Time to Die recently debuted in theaters, and Chase Elliott is living that out on the NASCAR track. The driver was able to scrape by into the Round of 8 after some difficulties.

You could almost write the story with Bond in place of the Georgia native. The feud between Kevin Harvick and Elliott is no secret over the last month or so of racing. That came into play and for Elliott, might have made this selfie with Daniel Craig that much sweeter.

It made for a badass caption on Twitter.

The pictures from the race show the damage that Elliott’s No.9 car suffered after wrecking. While Harvick wouldn’t say this was revenge for Bristol, he didn’t NOT say it. While it looked like the 9 would be done for the day, Elliott kept driving the car and was one of the fastest cars on the track.

NASCAR honored James Bond, er, Daniel Craig by letting him wave the green flag during the race at The Roval. Right as the cars came around heading into the second to last lap, Craig waved that flag, and Kyle Larson zipped by. Chase Elliott and others got photos with Mr. Bond.

The actor gave a great speech about the U.S. service members who died in Kabul back in August prior to the start of the race. There was a dedication for one of the 13 who died at the airport.

Overall, the collaboration was great. It was interesting to see NASCAR have Daniel Craig at the race and to have him wave the green flag. The sport is looking for new ways to grow wherever it can and that means doing events and things such as this.

Meanwhile, Chase Elliott had “No time to die,” out on the track.

Chase Elliott Survives, Advances to Top-8

The Hendricks Racing pit crew had a lot of work to do in order to clean Chase Elliott’s car up and get it zipping around the track again. While he survived and will move on to the Round of 8, his rival will not. Harvick ended up crashing into turn one after missing the corner. It put his car out of commission for the day.

Although Harvick failed to make the Round of 8, the worst performance in his Cup Series Playoffs career, he didn’t seem too down after the race. He wouldn’t say if the move was retribution for what happened at Bristol, but he was very ominous in his responses.

As far as the feud goes, it looks like it could be simmering down. However, if it continues, Rick Hendrick believes NASCAR will need to get involved. His driver Chase Elliott survived this time but might get eliminated if the confrontation keeps up on the track. The last thing the playoffs need is a couple of drivers wrecking each other purposefully. Those incidents can have massive repercussions. Hopefully, the racing stays clean from both parties moving forward.