NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott Wrecks Ryan Blaney During Last Lap of the Busch Clash: Video

by Evan Reier

We may still be building up to the Daytona 500, but that doesn’t mean the NASCAR fireworks haven’t already started with the Busch Clash.

On Tuesday night, a flurry of NASCAR drivers took to Daytona’s Road Course, with Kyle Busch taking victory for the second time in his career. However, the manner in which he reached the finish line was the true story.

In the final lap of the race, Ryan Blaney was leading Chase Elliott. Blaney appears to struggle a bit down the stretch, with Elliott hot on his tail. It all comes to a head when Elliott makes his move, bumping and turning Blaney completely around.

While Elliot somewhat maintained momentum, it wasn’t enough as the moment set up Busch to take victory.

Blaney and Elliott have had a friendly relationship in their careers, but it was clear that Elliott had one thing on his mind: winning. Unfortunately for the young NASCAR star, his efforts only led to Busch crossing the finish line first.

NASCAR Star Kyle Busch Comments on Winning The Clash

To the surprise of no one, Busch wasn’t sure how the race would finish. Per NBC Sports, he noticed things were heating up between Blaney and Elliott but bided his time and it proved to be a shrewd decision.

“I didn’t know how it was going to play out or what was going to happen there, but I saw those guys go in there two-wide and I was like, I don’t know if they’re going to come out two-wide. Certainly, it was a tough battle between those two. They were really good. The 9 (Chase Elliott) was fast, I don’t know if he was the class of the field, but the 12 (Ryan Blaney) was definitely just fast and made aggressive moves and was doing a good job all night getting himself back up to the front each time.

“Those two coulda, shoulda, woulda been the two to race it out for the win and maybe the 19 (Martin Truex Jr.). Just interesting how that plays out sometimes and what dynamic will push you into victory lane. Here we are with our M&M’s Toyota. Thanks to TRD, Interstate Batteries and Rowdy Energy Drink and everybody that gets us here. Appreciate Ben Beshore (crew chief) and all my new 18 guys for this year.”

A classic comment. As Busch puts it, the “dynamic” ended up playing in his favor.

Chase Elliott Adds Context

Like Busch, Elliott adds context to the thrilling finish.

“I was close enough to drive it in there and I feel like I’d be mad at myself for not at least trying. Obviously, I don’t mean to wreck anybody, especially him. Some guys I wouldn’t mind. But he’s not one of them. Hopefully he’s not too mad at me. Feel like you’ve got to go for it here in an event like this in any situation.

“I can’t be sorry about going for the win, but I certainly didn’t mean to wreck him. I drove in there and, just that corner gets so tight and I didn’t want to just completely jump the curb to the right. But I feel like I tried to get over there as far as I could. And at that point we were coming together at the same time. I hate it. We had a fast Llumar Chevrolet in a position to have a shot at it. We’ll try again on Sunday.”

So, clearly Elliott had no interest in doing his friend Ryan Blaney dirty. Winning just matters more.