NASCAR Drivers and Uber Have Had Many Tense Interactions: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Battled a Poor Score in 2017

by Quentin Blount

Most of us have had to take an Uber at least a time or two in our day, and it seems like NASCAR drivers are not an exception to that.

If recent news has taught us anything, it’s that NASCAR drivers have had their fair share of experiences with the ride-sharing service. Some of them have been good, while others, well, not so much. Semi-retired NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. could probably speak to that.

Earnhardt currently competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series as the driver of the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro for his team, JR Motorsports. In addition, he is also an analyst for NBC. However, Earnhardt was once part of an on-going feud with Uber.

Although we all know that Dale Earnhardt has top-notch abilities when he is the one behind the wheel, it turns out that he was not always the perfect passenger. Or at least not according to his 2017 Uber rating. Naturally, Earnhardt wanted a perfect score. But he took to his official Twitter page a few years ago to show that his score was not quite what he had hoped.

“I’m a 4.0 on @Uber rating? That’s complete sh-t. 😡”

Although a 4-star rating isn’t necessarily bad, Earnhardt let his competitive side get the best of him. A few days later, however, he noted that his score was starting to go up.

“4.17 and climbing,” Earnhardt tweeted in 2017. “Anxiety levels going down…”

Uber Fires Back at NASCAR Star

Meanwhile, Dale Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t the only one having fun. While he was continuing to share updates on his Uber ratings with his fans, the ride-sharing company decided to chime in. Uber’s official Twitter page mentioned Earnhardt in a tweet, along with offering up some friendly advice.

“Tips to up your rating, @DaleJR: 1. Don’t ask to swap seats with the driver 2. Less pit stops 3. Use the doors—no exiting through the window.”

For those who didn’t know, both Uber drivers and their passengers have a star system assigned to their account. A 5-star rating is a perfect score. The system helps each party know what they are getting into before agreeing on a ride.

All of the recent hype around NASCAR and Uber have been reignited lately thanks to Denny Hamlin’s recent tweet. Another driver who has a past of calling out Uber drivers, Hamlin decided to publicly shame one of his recent drivers for all of his followers to see. For more on that, click here.

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