NASCAR Fans Unleash on Denny Hamlin Over Doxing Uber Driver on Twitter

by Thad Mitchell

Racing star Denny Hamlin has come under fire from NASCAR fans after a weekend incident with a Miami Uber Driver.

Hamlin was in South Beach over the Easter holiday weekend enjoying some time away from the track. On Saturday, however, he took to social media to post a pic of himself enjoying the nice weather and an adult beverage. Without having his own vehicle on hand, he apparently decided it best to call for an Uber driver. The driver must not have met Hamlin’s standards for quality service, as the NASCAR star also took to Twitter to complain about his experience.

“Dear Uber,” Denny Hamlin begins the tweet. “This guy driving around Miami is a complete douche bag.”

Along with the critical social media post, the NASCAR star also posts the Uber driver’s profile. Judging from Alejandro’s profile, however, it appears many others using his service had positive experiences with him. The Uber driver appears to be a six-year driving veteran with an excellent rating of 4.93 stars out of five. Denny Hamlin did not elaborate on what causes his poor experience — which drew the ire of social media users.

As is the case with most professional athletes, Hamlin’s social media post brought in a lot of attention. The tweet took in more than 2,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments. The comments did not go the way Hamlin may have anticipated as many of his followers disagree with his doxing of Alejandro the Uber Driver.

Denny Hamlin Called Out by NASCAR Fans

Hamlin immediately came under siege for the post, with many fans calling him a Karen. For those unaware, the term “Karen” refers to a person with a high sense of entitlement and irrational expectations that lead to angry outbursts. Many commenters on Hamlin’s tweet side with Alejandro, claiming he must be doing something right to have that high of a rating in Miami.

“A 4.93 rating after 6 years,” one responder wrote. “You sure he was the douchebag?”

Others question Denny Hamlin’s method of complaining, noting he is unnecessarily harming Alejandro’s reputation and livelihood. Some fans note his reputation of engaging in feuds with fellow NASCAR racers.

“Denny Hamlin is exactly the type of person I’d expect to Karen complain post on social media,” another Twitter user wrote.

Hamlin is a three-time Daytona 500 winner with a heavily successful racing career. He recently got a contract extension from Joe Gibbs Racing and will continue competing in upcoming NASCAR races.