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NASCAR Fans Worry Legend Richard Petty May Have Died After Seeing His Name Trend

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, legendary NASCAR driver and owner Richard Petty was trending online, but many fans mistakenly thought it was because he had passed away.

As many social media users got online today, they assumed the worst when they saw that Petty’s name is trending. It is 2020 after all. However, the reason for his trending name came from something far more innocent than his death.

NASCAR‘s official Twitter account asked fans to name five drivers they’d choose to share a Thanksgiving meal with.

“If you could choose five drivers in all of NASCAR history to share a Thanksgiving meal with, who would they be?” the account tweeted.

Of course, Petty’s name made tons of lists on the social media platform, which made his name spike in trending topics. Additionally, Richard Petty Motorsports‘ Twitter account asked fans to tell them something good about 2020.

“In a year full of challenges, we still have plenty to be thankful for. Tell us something GOOD that happened to you in 2020!” they tweeted.

The two posts saw his name pop up in numerous user’s responses. Therefore, “Richard Petty” became a trending topic on Wednesday afternoon, and countless NASCAR fans freaked out.

NASCAR Fans Freak Out on Twitter

Twitter went crazy with even the thought of Petty passing away. For many, it’s been a bad enough year already, and they simply couldn’t take more bad news in 2020.

One Twitter user begged for Petty’s name to never trend again since he said he almost had a heart attack. Others shared the sentiment.

Likewise, some accounts were not happy with Twitter for making them think “The King” had died.

Other Twitter users have vowed never to check trending topics again after the scare.

In addition, most fans are just happy they were wrong about their assumptions after seeing Petty’s name trending.

Finally, many on Twitter shared hilarious GIFs over what thankfully turned out to be a false alarm.