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NASCAR: Here’s Why the Sport May Be Making a Switch to Hybrids

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Bob Leverone/Getty Images)

More technology means more upgrades. NASCAR is making some big changes real soon.

Stuck in a Coronavirus mindset, you may have thought, “how can NASCAR go hybrid?” Well, the car is going to host more of a 21st century electrified model.

The Next-Gen Car is an all-new design that is electrified and ready for the future. The Toyota Camry Cup Series car gave way at the Charlotte Motor Speedway oval this week. This announcement comes after years and years of tedious planning. It features independent rear suspension, more complex and sturdy brakes, bigger wheels, tires, a five-speed transaxle.

NASCAR has hinted at an electrified expansion in the past. They say that a hybrid powertrain could be on the way and sees a deadline of approximately 2024. In addition, NASCAR says that an electric motor can be added to the transaxle. That will “add power in concert with the V8 under acceleration. It will provide regenerative braking that will charge a small battery to power it.

Kurt Busch says, “It accelerates quick, it stops quicker, it turns quicker, it’s nimble. I don’t want to use the word ‘steroids’ – it’s just the car is more effective, and the car is more sensitive to changes and to feel. You feel everything more vividly.”

The car is used for small roads and short tracks, perhaps, not made for superspeedways. In fact, it is still an early model development. More updates are coming. The car will officially debut at the 2022 season-opening Daytona 500.

Additionally, NextGen cars will be racing on a temporary track built inside of the L.A Memorial Coliseum later in the month.

The History of NASCAR

This hybrid car has been in development for years now. The sport as a whole one of the highest leading-edge innovations. This is due to their technological advancements.

In August of 2020, NASCAR launched the NASCAR Technology Partner Platform. Nearly 30 teams from all over attended the launch at Daytona International Speedway during the Coke Zero Sugar 400 race weekend to celebrate.

Another avenues of NASCAR have technologically advanced too over the years. Virtual simulation is now a thing. Racers mockup plans for their race before even sitting in their car. eNASCAR is a Coca-Cola iRacing Series is a $330,000 World Championship series officially sanctioned by NASCAR. eNASCAR has their iRacing Series, ProInvitational iRacing Series, and Heat Pro League. 28 gamers represent race teams on the NASCAR Heat 5 platform.

We’re excited to see the full hybrid launch in 2024.