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NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson Speaks Out On Friendship With Bubba Wallace, Diversity in Racing

by Outsider
(Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson took to CBS This Morning to share his views on his friendship with driver Bubba Wallace. He also spoke out on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

The 7-time NASCAR champion wants to be a driver for change. The longtime friend and supporter of Bubba Wallace spoke with CBS yesterday.

Previously, Johnson appeared in Oprah’s O! Magazine in an article about Wallace.

“I hope that Bubba’s bravery can lead all of us in racing to think about ways to make it more inclusive,” he had written.

Johnson was on CBS This Morning to chat about his own Drive for Diversity Award and spoke with the show about the challenges of being the only black driver at NASCAR.

“With George Floyd’s passing, I just started talking about that topic. I realized in that conversation that Bubba today deals with things that I’ve never dealt with,” said Johnson.

Jimmie Johnson added that he felt the Confederate flag was “hurtful and painful for many.” He discussed how individuals can express themselves privately, but not with this at sporting events.

“I’m glad NASCAR has made the effort this year to remove the flag from tracks,” he said. He also spoke out on how he wanted to “stand with Bubba” after the controversy involving a potential noose found in Bubba’s garage.

Watch the complete clip above for more of Jimmie’s thoughts on Bubba and inclusion.

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