‘NASCAR’: Kurt Busch Calls Out Denny Hamlin for Bizarre Crash Immediately After Restart: ‘I’m Pretty Pissed’

by Evan Reier

Crashes in NASCAR, and racing in general, happen. But this Kurt Busch crash at the Folds of Honor Quiktrip 500 might not qualify as a typical wreck.

The story of the day will be 27-year-old up-and-comer Ryan Blaney taking victory. His victory means that the streak of different racers winning continues, as six different drivers have won the NASCAR Cup Series’ first six races.

But what will definitely catch eyeballs is what happened after the start of Stage 2. Things can get crowded in those moments, and that’s exactly what happened with Kurt Busch, Denny Hamlin and most of the drivers.

You can watch the crash below.

It’s a pretty brutal way to take a loss, especially considering where Kurt Busch was when it happened. The veteran NASCAR star was understandably frustrated afterward when he talked to the media.

“It’s just dude, bro,” Busch started. “It’s a 500-miler. These are the days that hurt the worst. This absolutely hurts the worst because we had a top-five, Monster Energy-winning Chevy, and I’m sitting here talking with you guys. I’m pretty pissed off. It’s a restart. Where are we going to go, man? Just chill.”

Well, whether you want to say that it was because Denny Hamlin didn’t have “chill” or the nature of the race, either way, it turned out bad for Kurt Busch. He was the only racer who crashed out.

NASCAR Fans Sound Off About Kurt Busch Crash

As always with a dramatic moment like that, there’s plenty of fans with something to say. After all, with Kurt Busch being the sole driver to not finish, it was a major development in the race.

Interestingly enough, many fans brought up his attitude, and also mentioned that it’s grown over the years.

“How is Kurt Busch one of my favorite drivers these days?” @lavonnahardin66 tweeted. “There was time I wanted to throat-punch him on a weekly basis. For years I’ve waited for the old Kurt to come back and show his true colors but he hasn’t. His change over the years is remarkable and impressive.”

@Grandi_L88 also added a similar reaction.

“Interviews like this make me astounded all over again at how much Kurt has grown over the years. Handles a bad day with as much class and respect as anyone else in the field does. It’s good to see.”

Another fan calls for Kurt Busch to get his revenge on fellow NASCAR star Denny Hamlin. Maybe not the soundest of approaches, but not unheard of in the world of racing.

“Kurt needs to remember and get his vengeance on Denny seems like all drivers are scared to payback Hamlin and Lagono” @Don15082557 tweeted.

But with reputations and personalities being the way they are, @SYflyMichael keeps his diagnosis simple.

“Denny being Denny.”