NASCAR: Kurt Busch Shows Why ‘It’s Gonna Be Wild’ in New Video Ahead of Bristol Dirt Race

by Madison Miller

NASCAR racer Kurt Busch is sharing some of his “post practice thoughts” with his fans on social media.

He even paired it with a very fitting #KurtInTheDirt.

Busch explained that after fast speeds out on the dirt, his tires had completely burned up under the pressure. He practiced for two hours and even went through three different sets of tires. It shows just how important practicing and making tweaks will be before the next NASCAR race. Even more, it’s continuing to show how unpredictable this weekend’s Bristol Dirt Race will be.

Busch Speaks on Tire Issues

“We tried a lot of things, trying to find the right balance…it’s gonna be wild. It’s crazy, if you get too far behind somebody, you lose them in the dust. You can’t even see them because they just disappear,” Kurt Busch said in the video.

Tire wear has been a recent topic in NASCAR before this upcoming race. According to NBC Sports, there are some Cup drivers that are asking NASCAR for an extra set of tires and an additional break during the final portion of the race.

The final Bristol Dirt Race will be tomorrow (March 27) and is currently scheduled to be 250 laps. Today is the first race, which will determine the 40 cars for Sunday’s competition. There was a rule change stating that teams cannot add fuel or change tires except during the three different stage breaks. During each stage break, the field is completely frozen and racers pick up in the order they were previously in.

Racers are leaving pit crews at home since there is no chance of gaining positions based on speed in the pit.

“There is a lot of science to dirt racing and the type of dirt that you race on. We had to look for different types of dirt, there’s a lot of red clay in the area, but there’s good red clay and bad red clay. We’ve talked with a lot of experts, to people who know a lot more about dirt than anyone would ever want to know about dirt,” Senior Vice President of Operations at Speedway Motorsports said regarding the issue.

Some racers are claiming the type of dirt appears to be more abrasive, therefore leading to excess tire damage. The 250 laps will be quite the challenge.

Kurt Busch Racing

Looking ahead, this dirt race is very unpredictable, both for viewers and racers. The Food City Dirt Race is on tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. on FOX at the Bristol Motor Speedway. It’s the first time since 1970 that the Cup Series will race on dirt.

Other racers include Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Larson, Ryan Newman, Daniel Suárez, and Chase Briscoe.

Kurt Busch is the longest-tenured driver in the Cup Series and is related to Kyle Busch. A CBS Sports interview with Busch from 2020 said that there’s a 50-50 chance that 2021 may be his very last year in NASCAR. At this point, he is entering into his 20th year racing in the NASCAR Cup Series.