NASCAR: Kyle Busch Gets Ticked, Drives Over Cones After Early Darlington Exit

by Megan Molseed

The playoff standings of NASCAR’s Cup Series faced quite a shake-up Sunday afternoon. During the Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington, four drivers were knocked out of the Round 16 opening race. And, one of the four drivers, Kyle Busch, made quite his own stir as he made it very clear he was not happy about what had transpired. Before he was even entirely off the NASCAR track Sunday night.

During the Sunday race, four racers found themselves knocked out of the race, including the defending series champion.

Kyle Busch, William Byron, and Michael McDowell each exited the Sunday night race within the first 200 laps in the 367-lap Darlington event.

The defending series champion, Chase Elliott made it further, just 41 laps of the 367 remaining laps before he wrecked.

Kyle Busch’s crash that sent him off the NASCAR track Sunday night occurred when Busch’s number 18 M&M car collided with Austin Dillion’s number 3 car. The crash occurred on lap 125 on the Darlington track. Upon impact, Kyle Busch’s car began to spin, destroying the rear end of his car.

The accident occurred when Busch was attempting to run around the outside of Dillon. The Busch fought to regain control after the collision; however, he slid into the outside wall before he could make the correction.

Kyle Busch’s car was slightly drivable after the crash. Just enough for the driver to slowly make his way back to the pits.

Busch Doesn’t Hide Frustration as He Leaves NASCAR Track

Kyle Busch knew his race was over as he arrived into the pit lane. And, he wasn’t pulling any punches showing just how ticked off he was about the crash.

As Busch approached the garage, the driver failed to slow his car down. Forcing the people on the pit road to frantically jump out of the car’s way. Video shows Busch driving over a bunch of traffic cones set out to prevent moves such as this.

NASCAR shared the video footage of the longtime driver flattening the cones as he entered the populated area without exercising the proper protocol of waiting for someone to remove the cones before entering the area.

“Should Kyle Busch be called to the NASCAR hauler for this?” asked the NASCAR on NBC Twitter Page Sunday evening. The post featured a video of the driver entering the pit road without any caution.

While it was clear Kyle Busch was not happy about the incident, it was his own team he was mad at. Not the driver he crashed into.

“We were running like s—, ” the longtime NASCAR driver said in a followup interview.

“The M&Ms Camry was not very good,” Busch added of the performance Sunday evening.

“We were running terrible and we got wrecked,” the driver added. “Wasn’t the 3’s (Dillon’s) fault.”

“We got wrecked, so that’s what you get when you run like s—,” Busch continued. “Shouldn’t be there. I don’t know what our problem is.