NASCAR: Kyle Larson’s Wife Katelyn Shotguns a Busch Light in Victory Lane After Championship Win

by Jonathan Howard

NASCAR is the sport of the people. Look no further than Kyle Larson winning the Cup Series Playoffs and his wife shotgunning a Busch Light to celebrate.

Chugging beer and winning NASCAR races go hand in hand. Just ask the Xfinity Series winner Noah Gragson. It appears that Katelyn Larson wanted to get in on the celebration. With car keys in hand, she busted that can open, cracked the top, and let it flow. Check out the video below!

This is something that Katelyn likes to do. If Kyle Larson ends up on a NASCAR victory road, then his wife is likely to have a beer in her hand. One thing is for certain, women in the replies to the tweet were loving it! They celebrated the chugging.

A fan named Kathy said, “Honey I haven’t seen a woman shotgun a beer since the last time I did it… you are my new hero… stay cool chick a dee.”

Another said, “Now that is how you celebrate. I have never attempted to shotgun a beer yet, any tips? She makes it look so effortless, congrats.”

After going through quite a controversy last year and having to sit out and go through a period away from driving, Larson responded in a big way. The driver had one of the most dominant seasons in quite some time. Not only did the No. 5 win the regular season, he just took the Cup Series Playoffs as well. At one point he won three playoffs races in a row. From Charlotte to Texas to Kansas.

Of course, Kyle Larson and his wife know how to celebrate. Beers for all, just get your keys ready.

Kyle Larson Caps Season with Championship

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are not for weary drivers. It takes a lot of resolve and great skills to get through the regular season and then into the playoffs. Each round, drivers are picked off. If you don’t show up every week, then you could find your way out of the running very early.

However, the Hendricks Motorsports team got their No.5 driver around the track all season. There were races in the playoffs where Larson didn’t do so well. However, he bounced back after each one and made sure to keep his head down and get through it. It seemed every race that he was in the top-5, threatening to take the win at any point in time.

So, Kyle Larson caps off his best season ever. There were some great drivers this year as well. Many folks were looking at Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott as two drivers that could snatch the championship. However, in the last three weeks of the playoffs, Martin Truex Jr made a hard push. Larson held them all off for the win.