NASCAR Legend Kyle Petty Looks Back at One Experience He ’Never Got to Do’ But ‘Wishes’ He Had

by Quentin Blount

Kyle Petty was one of the biggest names in all of NASCAR in the 1980s, ’90s, and early 2000s. But despite having an incredibly accomplished career, there is one thing that Petty regrets having never done.

On Thursday, Petty sat down with Doug Boles, the President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation, for an interview. The two talked about a time back in the late ’90s when Petty almost agreed to drive an Indy Car. There was a lot of talk, but ultimately, it never came to fruition.

“We thought, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be cool if we got Kyle Petty to come run an Indy Car race?'” Boles recalled. “We got pretty far down the road with you. We figured out the timing, the travel to get you there, and unfortunately the timing for both of us just didn’t work out. Would you have enjoyed getting in an Indy Car?”

Make no mistake about it — Petty would have most definitely enjoyed racing an Indy Car. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few things he wishes he would have done.

“Yes,” Petty responded without question. “I would have. But, ya know, I will say that is one of the few things that I never got to do but I wish I would have.”

Want to watch the interview with Boles and Petty for yourself? The official Twitter account of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway posted a video on Thursday.

“How about that time @jdouglas4 almost put @kylepetty in an @IndyCar? The @NASCARonNBC analyst and former driver joined Behind the Bricks to talk about the historic #IMS test in 1992, @NASCAR, and #INDYCAR.”

NASCAR Legend Kyle Petty Only Has One Regret

The hype was real when talks were heating up between Kyle Petty and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Could you imagine Petty driving an Indy Car? That would have been a sight to see. Later on in the interview with Boles, the NASCAR legend says that he wishes he could have got in an Indy Car even if it was only for a test run.

“Even for a test,” he admitted. “Even for a test.”

Should he have pulled off driving an Indy Car, that still wouldn’t have been the craziest thing Petty has done in his career.

“Listen, a few years ago at Texas Motor Speedway, I rode a bull for [former President of Texas Motor Speedway] Eddie Gossage.”

But that is just the type of guy he is. Kyle Petty’s mindset is that he wants to check off every item he can off his bucket list.

“I have always been that guy. You talk about the guitars, you talk about the stuff I do. I have always been the guy who doesn’t want to be 110 years old in a nursing home and sitting there and someone say, ‘Hey, did you ever gett a chance to do this?’ And I’m gonna raise my hand and say, ‘Yeah! Not only did I get a chance, I did it.'”

Nonetheless, Petty will always have to live without being able to drive an Indy Car.

“That’s the one thing I won’t be able to raise my hand.”