NASCAR: Noah Gragson Shotguns a Beer on Track After Clinching Spot in Xfinity Series Final Four

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

A day ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series race at Martinsville, the Xfinity Series took the track. Now, Noah Gragson and three others are the four remaining drivers. The series has come down to just four drivers for the playoff championship.

Gragson and his No.9 Chevy raced wonderfully yesterday. The driver got his car out to the front and raced hard the entire way. By the time that checkered flag was waving, he was crossing the finish line and clinching himself a spot in the final four.

To celebrate, he did about the only thing you can do in that situation…he chugged a beer. Check out the video of the celebration below.

For the 23-year-old driver and his team, this was a massive win. Moving onto the final four of the playoffs is huge no matter what series you are competing in. He celebrated with a little cage climb with the rest of his team. Then a fan was able to toss a beer over to the worn-out NASCAR driver. Gragson gladly accepted and then got to work.

Look, shotgunning a beer right after a NASCAR race is not an easy task. Noah Gragson knows that now. He got his helmet strap off and then the rest of his harness attached to it. Then he had to get those pesky driving gloves off. However, he persevered and was able to bite that can open and down the entire thing in seconds. You could argue which was the more impressive accomplishment, to be honest.

Joking aside, Gragson is moving on. He is going to be joined by Austin Cindric, Daniel Hemric, and AJ Allmendinger. Those four drivers will compete next week for the Xfinity Series Playoffs championship. Right now, the Cup Series is underway.

Noah Gragson Wins Xfinity Race, Cup Series Underway

Noah Gragson was able to clinch the win at Martinsville in his Xfinity race and now the Cup Series is underway. The last three races have been won by Kyle Larson. It seems that he is asserting himself over the field. Not only does he have those wins in the playoffs, but he is also the regular-season champion. That was his ninth win of the year.

So, Larson already has his ticket punched to the final four. As for others, such as Kyle Busch, Ryan Blaney, and more it’s a tough road. Right now, it appears that Joey Logano has dug too deep a hole and will not be able to climb into the top-4. However, the 4-7 drivers are all within seven points of each other. That means that Busch, Blaney, Martin Truex, Jr, and Brad Keselowski are going to battle it out until the end. Truex and Keselowski are likely going to need a win in order to move on, so they better channel their inner Noah Gragson.