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NASCAR: Richard Petty Motorsports Bids Farewell to Bubba Wallace

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

NASCAR’S Bubba Wallace is now racing for Michael Jordan’s new team. Richard Petty Motorsports took a moment to post a thank you note to their old driver.

Wallace has overcome a lot this past year. And when presented the opportunity to drive for Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, he took it. Richard Petty Motorsports took a moment to share some memories of the driver. In their tweet, they say: “From start to finish, what a ride it has been”.

No doubt an impressive ride, Wallace is the first black driver to win a checkered flag in many years. After a turbulent year, he’s been the center of many social justice movements. Earlier this year, he found what appeared to be a noose in his garage. Markedly, Wallace handled the situation with grace and composure. Notably, Wallace led the charge to remove the Confederate Flag from NASCAR races.

In addition, Petty Motorsport says in their tweet: “Thanks for everything Bubba Wallace, wishing you the best in your next chapter”!

Twitter Responds

As this Twitter user points out, analyst Ryan McGee compliments Wallace’s driving this year. Offering up what the analyst notes about the driver’s seasons with Petty Motorsports supports the driver’s ability to drive. Wallace’s number 43 car was – and is – one that very few drivers want.

Meanwhile, Twitter users happily support Petty Motorsports and their handling of their ex-driver. More replies to the tweet flooded in as people enthusiastically thank Wallace for his driving.

Surely fans are sad to see a popular driver go, but are still in full support of his career and the popular Petty Motorsport. Fans continue to thank Petty Motorsport for standing by their driver while he dealt with this year’s antics.

As in turns out, Wallace drove excellently when looking at the numbers. And he will undoubtedly drive with similar, even elevated excellence for Jordan and Hamlin’s team. NASCAR fans eagerly await this coming season’s races and a new car driven by Wallace.