NASCAR: Rick Hendrick Urges Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick to End Their Feud

by Jonathan Howard

Despite what some fans may think about feuds in NASCAR, Rick Hendrick is no fan of the Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick beef. It all started back in Bristol when Elliott seemingly cost Harvick a win. In the Playoffs, that can lead to a fight.

Things seemed to escalate recently at The Roval at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. At one point in the race, Harvick rode up right behind Elliott and seemed to accelerate as they took the turn. However, you could argue that the No.9 wasn’t clear of the 4 and shouldn’t have come low.

However you feel about the wreck, Rick Hendrick says only NASCAR can stop this feud if the drivers themselves don’t end it first.

“I think [NASCAR is] the only ones that can really stop it. I hope they do because the crew chiefs and everybody can do the best they can, but it’s up to the drivers themselves. I’ve been in this situation before. NASCAR can handle it.”

For Hendrick, it is personal of course. Chase Elliott is one of the bright young stars in the sport and races for Hendrick Motorsports. When his driver was almost taken out of the Playoffs, he had seen enough of the drama.

“It looked like Chase could be done and out of the playoffs. It was a lot of heated feelings. Harvick wrecked himself, I guess. I hope it’s over. We don’t want to race that way. We want to just race. That’s not our style.”

“If a guy is better than you, he wins. Just do your job. If you get beat, you get beat. It never feels good to push somebody out of the way. A little rubbing or something, that’s OK. But just to wreck somebody? That’s not good.”

NASCAR fans will have to see if Rick Hendrick gets his wish.

Rick Hendrick Team Has Mixed Results at The Roval

This is a tough course, especially for NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs drivers. Rick Hendrick and his Hendrick Motorsports team had a mixed day. With four drivers entering the race in the Round of 12, it could have been a big day for the racing group.

Kyle Larson, Alex Bowman, William Byron, and Chase Elliott all were racing for playoff positions. For Bowman, Byron, and Elliott it was do or die. Race well, or your season is done. Bowman and Byron were in a really tough spot. Byron raced out front and tried to take the win, the only way he could advance.

However, when it was said and done, Bowman and Byron didn’t get enough points. For a while, it looked like only one driver for the Hendrick team would qualify for the next round. When Chase Elliott was wrecked, his car was damaged in the back and he didn’t look like he had a great chance. He raced well with the damaged vehicle and made his way into the top-8.

Larson, of course, took the win for Rick Hendrick’s team. With two drivers in the next round, they have a good shot at claiming a victory this postseason. Larson is the regular-season champion and has raced well all year. Elliott is the reigning Cup Series Playoffs champion and could race his way back to the top.