NASCAR: See How Bubba Wallace Broke Strange Rule With His Roof Number at Michigan

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

NASCAR has plenty of obscure rules to go around and apparently Bubba Wallace broke one while racing in Michigan recently.

The Cup Series was at Michigan International Speedway for the FireKeepers Casino 400 on Sunday, August 22.

The No. 23 Toyota racer for 23XI Racing had the number on the top of his car upside down during the race. This made it seems like the car had “EZ” written on the top of it instead.

According to Beyond the Flag, it is in violations of NASCAR Rule Book’s rule 7.6e which states, “Roof numbers must read from the driver’s side, not the passenger’s side.” There hasn’t been any kind of infraction announced yet, but it does go against long-held NASCAR rules.

Several NASCAR fans noticed while watching the race and tweeted about it. In fact, Steve Luvender, the founder of Trading Paints and a content contributor for, commented on the situation.

He tweeted a photo of Wallace’s car during the race and wrote, “wait are the 23 roof numbers upside down.” Whoever runs the 23XI Racing Twitter account has a pretty stellar sense of humor. This person commented on Luvender’s post with an upside-down text that reads, “Car still go fast.”

As it turns out, the way in which the number on the top of the car faces has zero impact on the way Bubba Wallace races. He finished the 200-lap race in 19th place last Sunday. This means that he is currently sitting in 21st place in the overall point standings.

He’s coming down to the wire in terms of his ranking. This Saturday is the Coke Zero Sugar 400 at the Daytona International Speedway. It is also the last race in the regular season. His performance at Daytona will determine whether or not he will make the playoffs or not.

The Upcoming NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs

After a full season of racing, Cup Series drivers are close to the end of it all.

Now, the massive increase in COVID-19 cases all across the country, largely due to the new Delta variant, is making some NASCAR drivers nervous about the end of the series. For example, Corey LaJoie had to sit out of the recent Michigan race.

According to ESPN, LaJoie is unvaccinated and the rules state that an unvaccinated driver that is exposed to someone with COVID-19 must quarantine for seven days. Meanwhile, Joey Logano has shared that he is exceptionally careful about where he goes. He is vaccinated but has canceled three public appearances recently just to stay on the safe side.

As the playoffs are right around the corner, being exposed to someone with COVID-19 can cause a driver to lose their chances at a championship.

“There’s one thing I learned when we won [the championship]: It affects so many people’s lives with bonuses and other stuff. So if I get COVID and miss the race, then I’m taking away food from other people’s families,” Logano said regarding his choice to get the vaccine.

The playoffs will start in two weeks and will feature the top 20 drivers.