NASCAR Shows Off Car of the Future with Next-Gen Digital Rear View Mirrors

by Jonathan Howard

NASCAR is preparing for the future. Right now, they are testing out their Next-Gen cars in Daytona. With a selected group of drivers including Denny Hamlin, Austin Dillon, and Joey Logano, the cars are showing off the all-new design.

Independent suspension, a lower profile, and larger wheels. Those are just some of the changes coming to the Next-Gen cars.

However, one big change is coming to the accessories and tech of the new cars. Digital rear-view mirrors. If you have been in a new car in the last couple of years, chances are you might have seen one of these before. It basically works as a rear-view camera does. However, the display is on the traditional rearview mirror and not a screen on the dash.

Right now, drivers have big, curved mirrors they use. However, the view isn’t the best. With these new mirrors, drivers have a better view of what is going on around them. Hopefully, that can lead to safer races. Watch Chris Buescher drive around in the new car.

While Buescher zooms around the track with the rest of the test cars, you can see the new mirror in action. It really is impressive seeing it work. Also, hearing that engine and the cars racing in a pack is insane and makes your adrenaline spike just watching. Buescher moves up past drivers, back into the pack, and up on the turns as well. Through the almost three-minute video, the digital rear-view mirror displays everything behind him.

NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs

While the Next-Gen cars aren’t in the NASCAR Cup Series yet, the layoffs are underway. Currently, the Round of 16 is through one of three races. Last week was Darlington Raceway for the Southern 500. In that race, it was Denny Hamlin who punched his ticket to the Round of 12 with a win. Regular-season champion Kyle Larson took second. However, the race was not without its issues.

Over the course of the three stages, drivers became very familiar with the wall. Darlington is notorious for its wall. Drivers will seemingly be having a great race until, bam, they get pinned on the top side of the turn. That is exactly what happened to Michael McDowell in the first stage. It was early on in the day, but by the time it was over, it was clear that he would be done for the day. His car was towed to the garage and he sat out the remaining stages. That puts him behind the field as the second race of the round comes this weekend.

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are a marathon so to speak. These drivers will have to perform race in and race out if they want to be champions. For some, this is familiar territory for others, the pressure feels new. However, by the time the postseason comes to an end, we will crown a winner. Kyle Larson took the regular season. Denny Hamlin has proved himself early. Ryan Blaney is a hot name right now. There are many possibilities for the Playoffs as they continue.