NASCAR Star Aric Almirola Compares Hot Topic Discussion in Sport to Asking About ‘Vasectomies’

by Courtney Blackann

Nascar racer Aric Almirola made headlines when he said that asking about the Covid-19 vaccine is akin to asking if someone has a vasectomy. The comment came as the Covid-19 vaccine dispute rises around the country.

With many concert venues are requiring people to show proof of vaccination in order to attend – and with many performers canceling tours, Nascar’s rules are a little different. Drivers are not required to receive the vaccination. However, those that aren’t, require daily testing, according to Fox News.

Additionally, racers who come into contact with the virus, have to quarantine for seven days. Even if they test negative. This could cause drivers to potentially miss an important race ahead of the upcoming playoffs. The decision is causing some backlash.

When Nascar Stars Are Exposed

Nascar star Corey LaJoie had this very thing happen to him. He was exposed to the virus and had to quarantine. It forced him to miss Sunday’s race. If drivers are forced to sit out of the upcoming playoffs, this will likely end any chance at a championship.

Despite the precautions the organization has in place, however, many Nascar stars are sharing their opinions about the sport’s practices.

“I look at all of that stuff as very personal, very choice-driven and nobody needs to know what people’s choices are,” former Cup winner Kyle Busch said. “But now everybody’s asking for vaccination status cards and everything and where you go, so I guess HIPAA doesn’t exist anymore,” he said, referring to the federal law restricting the release of medical information.

While most drivers abstained from talking about whether they received the vaccine, others shared their reasoning why the vaccine makes sense.

“There’s one thing I learned when we won (the championship): it affects so many people’s lives with bonuses and other stuff,” Nascar racer Joey Logano said. “So if I get COVID and miss the race, then I’m taking away food from other people’s families.”

In addition, William Byron said he received the vaccine several months ago. The driver’s mother is ill and in order to visit her in the hospital, he got the vaccine.

Nascar’s Changing Regulations

Nascar first resumed races in 2020 three months after the pandemic shut down the world. It loosened restrictions this summer before the Delta variant caused a spike in cases. The organization has tightened up its policies since then.

While the debate continues, most drivers agree a negative test should be sufficient to participate moving forward. Especially with a title on the line.

Of the 20 spots available for the playoff rounds, 14 competitors snagged spots already.